The US government has put yet another restriction on Huawei. The authorities have now included Huawei Technologies India Private Limited in its export control entity list. The step has been taken days after the Trump administration banned Huawei to use American technology in its manufacturing process.

Huawei, smartphone and network equipment maker, known for advance 5G developments is being used by the Chinese government for their own interest, claims the Trump government.

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Source: Bloomberg

“Huawei is an untrustworthy vendor and a tool of the Chinese Communist Party, beholden to its orders,” said the US State Department in a statement released earlier. “The Department of State has engaged for more than a year to share what we know about Huawei and other untrustworthy vendors with allies and partners around the world.”

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Huawei has always strongly refuted the US allegations of being a security threat to the world and has been looking for opportunities to make strong pacts with European and other partner nations.

The State Department said, “The US will continue to restrict most US exports to Huawei and its affiliates on the Entity List for activities that threaten US national security and international stability.”

After this development, any company partnering with Huawei will have to get a license from the US to sell an item based on American technology.


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