Samsung is gearing up for its developer conference to be held on November 7th and 8th in San Francisco. Usually, this is where Samsung unveils its latest advancements related to the field of technology. A lot of hype surrounds the conference every year and Samsung demonstrates what’s next. This time, the conference is touted to be quite interesting because Samsung is allegedly going to divulge its first foldable smartphone. The rumors of Samsung working on a foldable smartphone have been in the market for many years and we even witnessed a prototype of the foldable concept device back in 2014.

Now, coming back to 2018, it looks like the foldable phone is for real this time.  Samsung’s official Twitter account has posted a video with a description “crossroads between the present and the future” and there is a reference to it in the video with a straight line unfolding into a ‘>’ shape and eventually turning into a vertical line, hinting that Samsung is indeed going to talk about its new foldable device at the upcoming event.

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Last month, Koh Dong Jin, President of Samsung mobile communications, had disclosed to CNBC that Samsung might be showing off its foldable device later this year. He added that Samsung is trying to provide a different experience while using a foldable device from the traditional tablet. He further added that the development process is quite complicated and Samsung has nearly concluded it.

“So every device, every feature, every innovation should have a meaningful message to our end customer. So when the end customer uses it, (they think) ‘wow, this is the reason Samsung made it’,” he explained. 


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