Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone (Source: Xiaomi Twitter)
Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone (Source: Xiaomi Twitter)

All juggernauts of the smartphone world are busy coming up with their versions of the foldable phones. And we could expect the unveiling for some of them in the upcoming MWC 2019. While we were awaiting the unpacked event of Samsung and the likes, Xiaomi has teased a working foldable smartphone by none other than the company’s president itself.

Xiaomi’s President and Co-Founder Mr. Lin Bin could be seen using a working prototype of a double foldable smartphone developed by Xiaomi via a Weibo post. In his post, Mr. Lin puts light on the technical hurdles embroiled in creating a foldable smartphone.

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Xiaomi must have worked on various hardware aspects like the folding screen, the flexible cover, folding mechanism right from the scratch. Furthermore, the Android OS based on MIUI has to be tweaked to work on this virgin tech.

Well, for what its worth, the prototype seems promising. At first glance, we see Mr. Lin finger-sliding on a slim tablet-like device and interacting with various apps. The fun part starts when he rotates the device and folds it from left and right side. The display transforms into a smaller form factor like a phone. The two symmetrically folded blocks at the back are weirdly enough active displays though. A tap on the top turns off the display. So, you know where the power button’s right?

For now, the device seems a decent looking prototype, one the tech enthusiasts would love to have their hands on. And as the definition goes, the prototype could go through various iterations until it reaches the end consumer. Well, the good news for you is that Xiaomi will “consider making a mass production machine in the future“.

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The teaser could be the Chinese giant’s declaration to the Smartphone universe of their development in the foldable smartphone category. They could be still probing the consumer interest in the segment and solving the challenges of mass production. If everything works out, we could enjoy the foldable tech in our palm. Other honchos of the smartphone world like Samsung, Apple, LG, and Huawei are also working on their foldable phones. What’s your opinion on the future of foldable smartphones?


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