While we can work our way through the constraints staving off a true bezel-less future, notches have emerged as a widely accepted stop-gap measure. They still come in all shapes and sizes, but throughout 2018 we have seen the Notch shrink. While Samsung is already talking about O-infinity panels with just a hole for the camera, companies are working on pushing camera sensor below the screen.

One main issue with smaller notch design is that, if the notch area depletes, the phone doesn’t have enough space to house the Dot projector and Infrared sensor which allows the phone to employ a secure 3D face unlock. So, these notch-less phones surely are going to miss out on an apple-like secure Face ID, unless of course, if they are willing to stuff these other components under the screen as well (which is quite possible).

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Latest reports reveal that Oppo is working on one such phone that doesn’t require a motorized slider to facilitate a luxurious and notch-less full-view screen. However, there’s still some time before the company perfects the technology, which is expected to happen around 2020. Oppo’s foldable phone, however, will be showcased as early as MWC 2019!

“We know that brands such as Samsung and Sony are working on a foldable phone,” Oppo product manager Chuck Wang told AndroidWorld. “You can also expect more news from OPPO, perhaps at MWC.”

Chuck Wang also mentioned that Oppo’s 5G ready phone would also debut in 2020.

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Rumors related to Foldable phones have been circulating the web for past two to three years, if not longer but it looks like we will see a deluge of such phone next year. LG is likely to be the first one to announce a foldable phone at CES 2019 in January early next year. Samsung’s foldable phone is surely coming in the first quarter, Huawei will be bringing its Foldable phone to MWC 2019 in late February, and Xiaomi is also pegged to be working on one.



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