Just two days after the release of Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus comes another news that hypothesizes that an S8 ‘Mini’ might soon be a part of the S8 family.

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The claimant of this leak is some vague Samsung ‘insider’, according to whom the phone is currently being worked upon by the company’s R&D team and may see a release a week or two after the others are put up for sale.

The original, just released S8
The original, just released S8

That is, we may very well see the S8 Mini in its full glory as early as May.

Although there’s still some speculation on the name of the phone as the source did not mention the word ‘mini’ but did say that the phone would be a smaller version of both the S8 as well as the S8 Plus.

Though the phone will not be a mid-ranger altogether, it would cost lesser than S8 and S8+.

The original, just released S8

The specifications that are being talked about here include a Snapdragon 835 SoC, a 5.3-inch display, 4gigs of RAM and the same camera (12MP) as the other two.

The claims regarding the price ($399) of the purported S8 Mini, however, are rather dubious considering the fact that the if the said specifications were to be true, it wouldn’t come cheaper than $500-$600.

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Well, if at all an S8 Mini is to come, there would surely be more than a few announcements regarding that.

Guess we’ll just have to the play the waiting game here!


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