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The Upcoming Redmi flagship phone to feature Snapdragon 855 chipset. recent leaks suggest it will be called 'Redmi Pro 2'

Xiaomi has a thriving MIUI community thanks to its active updates and long-lasting developer support. Even five-year-old devices were fortunate with a flow of updates bring new features and bug fixes. But looks like Xiaomi won’t be as generous moving forward. The company has outed a list of 7 Redmi Phones that are off the update roaster, and these also include the relatively recent Redmi Note 4 (which was also a best seller).

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List of Redmi devices declined the MIUI update in future

Following are the Redmi devices that are crossed off from the MIUI update pipeline, meaning no MIUI 11 or any Global Beta update in the future.

For the time being, no other devices are affected by this decision. The same has been affirmed and posted in The Mi Community Admin and Indian Board.

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All is not lost as these devices would still be getting the normal security updates. However, since with the change of events, the same could change any time.


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