Xiaomi’s MIUI is infamous for the intrusive ads within its native apps and software ecosystem. The fans and Xiaomi smartphone users have been complaining about these unwanted ads. Finally, the company seems to have paid heed to their customers and thus the upcoming MIUI 11 won’t show the ads.

The decision to discontinue ads in MIUI 11 was made by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun after an extended three-hours long discussion with MIUI developers. The decision was made in acknowledging that the current advertisements in MIUI hinder user experience.

Xiaomi MIUI 11
Xiaomi MIUI 11 OS developer briefing 

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Xiaomi MIUI 11 features: What to expect?

The work on MIUI 11 had started back in January, with a promise of a ‘new and unique OS’. Xiaomi’s product director Wang Teng Thomas affirmed the new Ad-removal decision from CEO Lei Jun. Apparently, the CEO had been in discussion with MIUI developers for hours to come up with features and fixes to solve users’ issues.

Interestingly enough, the company is seeking user POVs and feedback from the MIUI community. Users could vote for the best three new features and once taken into consideration, the development team would implement the same.

The top six features MIUI 11 features that have been proposed are:

  • Support for WeChat / QQ call recording
  • Local recycle bin for SMS, Photos, Documents, and other files that get deleted automatically after 3 days
  • Magnifying glass triggered by shortcut key to helping users zoom into a picture or text
  • New Notification box with custom filters and notifications that are not read for 12-hours are added to the notification box storage. It will not be cleared with one-click cleaning. Users can browse and find them and clear later.
  • Ultimate Power Saving mode to let users only use SMS and Phone
  • Curriculum viewing and alerting in a calendar for the schedule of different events in a day

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Besides these, a system-level dark mode could also be rolled out in the oncoming update.


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