Xiaomi MIUI update

In the Android community, MIUI tribe has been around since the time before Xiaomi as a smartphone company came into existence. The development community has been rolling out updates continuously for the past 8 years.

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Xiaomi has put forth following changes to the Beta program via MIUI forums:

  • Starting July 5, 2019, the open beta channel of the MIUI development would be available to devices younger than one year. If the phone ages more than one year, it will be revoked the beta access.
  • The entry-level Redmi phones would no longer receive the beta MIUI updates. The company hasn’t revealed the list of devices affected by this new decision. That said, this is not applicable to MIUI stable version.

The company advises its users to keep their devices updated to the latest stable versions to ensure the stability and smoothness of your mobile phone usage. Back in April, Xiaomi had stopped MIUI update support for seven Redmi phones.

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In its defense, the recent decisions are attributed to better manage the development cycle. Over time the number of supported devices has gushed out to a point where Xiaomi has announced the withdrawal of beta updates for the low-tier crop of phones.


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