Looks like 2019 will be an eventful year for smartphone manufacturers, with Mobile makers Xiaomi and Oppo reportedly joining rivals like Samsung and Huawei in the foldable smartphone race.

To be precise, ZTE was the first company to launch its Axon M foldable smartphone last year, but that was just a sad excuse for foldable display with two different displays hinged at the middle. Although, the actual foldable smartphones sounds like an assured reality for 2019, with at least four major firms working on the technology.

Huawei has been eyeing the coveted “world’s first foldable smartphone” title and plans to set the trend for a technology that will define the coming generation. For about two years, rumors have spun hopes around Samsung introducing the foldable phone technology to global markets. Only recently did Samsung confirm its positive stance on the rollout of its foldable phones this year. However, reports suggest Samsung expects to launch the much-anticipated technology under the “Galaxy F” series next year.

According to a report by ETNews, Xiaomi and Oppo have already started acquiring hinges and foldable displays from Chinese suppliers for their foldable phones. LG could be a possible supplier for Xiaomi and Oppo’s displays.

Xiaomi might bring its foldable feature in a fold-out fashioned screen, whereas Huawei and Samsung are reportedly working on an in-folding display. The report however could not gather inputs on Oppo’s display design.

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For now, there are no details as for when Xiaomi and Oppo have planned to launch their own foldable phone series. Also, there is no clarity on the price range of these upcoming smartphones. Xiaomi and Oppo have till date sold cheaper handsets as compared to their Samsung and Huawei equivalents. Therefore it is expected of both Xiaomi and Oppo to go lenient on pricing.

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