If you are a clumsy texter and found some relief in WhatsApp’s message recall feature that lets you “Delete For Everyone”, you might be in for a rude awakening. It’s not very hard for your acquaintance on the other end to get around and actually read those deleted messages, even after you have deleted them for good.

Also, if you are irked and intrigued by the deleted messages looming in your chat window, there is a way you can find out what they were. Here’s how you can read WhatsApp messages that have been Deleted For Everyone.

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Step 1:

To get started, download the Notification History Log App from Play Store. The app is a third-party app, which maintains a log of all your notifications. It can be used for other purposes too like if you have accidentally cleared all the notification from the Notification panel, you can still open this app to see them again.

Download: Notification History Log

Step 2:

Once installed, fire the app and grant necessary permission to enable it to access your Notifications.

Step 3:

Now, whenever a new notification shows up on your phone, “Notification History Log” will automatically add it to its app and display in the “Advanced History” option for further reference. Therefore, even if Whatsapp updates its deleted message’s notification, the earlier message will stay in the app.

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Step 4:

The app has only one drawback, it creates a clutter by storing all the notifications from different apps in a single window. But that can be sorted with a paid version of the same app, which that costs Rs. 100.

How to read WhatsApp messages Deleted for everyone

Using the simple Notification Log app, you can read the deleted WhatsApp messages. However, you can’t use this app to read messages that were deleted before you installed the app on your phone.

Keeping a log of your notifications can come in handy for several reasons. Afterall, we all have, at some point in time, accidentally swiped notifications and then wished we could get them back.

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