Instagram has just commenced testing the ‘Take a Break’ feature in its mobile app. As the name suggests, this new feature aims to nudge the users to close the Instagram app and do something else for a while. The platform allows users to customize their preferences to opt and set time intervals.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri took Twitter to make the announcement of the ‘Take a Break’ feature. He explains the feature to be in a testing phase and expects it to officially roll out for all users later in December. 

Instagram Take a Break Feature

Instagram is testing the feature through a random set of iOS and Android users. The Take-a-Break feature will be optional and users will have the choice to opt-in. It will allow them to control the time period for which they want to be prompted. For now, the feature offers 10, 20, and 30 minutes of the interval which once selected, the app will automatically remind the user to take a break.

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As of now, the test version allows users to neglect the reminder and keep browsing the feed. It might be possible that upon successful completion of the testing, Instagram may push users by default to select a time limit and that will be useful too. 

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Instagram was working on similar features that would supposedly help teens spend a limited time on the Instagram app and even regulate the untoward content.

The ‘Take a Break’ feature comes into existence after Facebook (now Meta) gets alleged for affecting the mental health of users. However, denying the allegation, Meta has now come up with this new feature to remind users to stop doomscrolling Instagram feeds. 


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