Instagram has been adding exciting features and fixing issues every single day. A few days ago, Instagram announced that it will start testing paid subscriptions for creators and now the app has confirmed that it has started testing the ability for people to add music to their feed posts.

An official statement from Instagram said, “Music plays an instrumental role in enabling people to share, connect and express themselves on Instagram. With this test, Instagram hopes to give its community a way to add a soundtrack to their Feed photos, like they can with Reels and Stories already.”

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Right now, this new feature is in the testing phase and thus will be available for some users from selected regions. Using this feature is simple.

Here’s how you can do it if it is available to you-

  1. Proceed to upload a photo on the feed, as you always do.
  2. Select a photo you want to post.
  3. While in the composer, add a caption, tag related people, or add a location if needed.
  4. Below the option to add a location, you will find an ‘Add Music’ option.
  5. Tap on it, and you will be taken to a search where you can look for any specific song by searching or browsing the trending music/songs suggested for you.
  6. Select a song and select clip duration.
  7. You can also adjust which part of the song is played.
  8. Once you’ve done all these, tap ‘Done’ and share your post.

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The feature is right now in the testing phase and thus is available for a small percentage of Instagram users. The test is live in 3 countries Brazil, Turkey, and India.

Instagram has said that the feature can be expanded to other regions and countries based on the users’ feedback.


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