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Instagram Web has received major updates, as a result of which it will allow users to upload pictures and videos on their accounts via their desktop PCs or laptops. Earlier users could only view their Instagram stories, but now managing the account via desktop has become easier.

Instagram users will see a host of options at the top right center of their tab. They can send messages, create posts and find new posts by using the explore tab. Instagram Web now works exactly like Instagram Mobile except for uploading reels and Instagram stories, which is still not enabled on Instagram Web.

Users can use their laptops or computers to edit the pictures/videos they want to post. Functionality is no longer limited to mobile app anymore. Let us dig in and find out how this works.

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How to post images/videos on Instagram from a laptop/PC?

Posting photos or videos from your PC or laptop via Instagram Web is very simple and is now available across all countries. Just follow the given steps:

  • Open a browser on your Laptop/PC and visit
  • Once it opens, continue to log in by entering your username and password. Upon logging in, you will see your entire timeline with posts from people you already follow. In the top right corner, you will notice some icons.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon, which will pop up the option to add photos and videos.
+ sign seen on top right corner
  • From there, click on the add files or ‘select from computer’ option, which should open a File Explorer window on your laptop/PC.
Clicking on + sign gives this option to add photos/videos
  • Now locate the file on your PC which you would like to post, this could be a photo or a video.
Option to select what you want to post
  • Once selected, hit enter, edit your taste, add a caption, and hit the post.

Note: As of this moment, users can only post images and videos under 1 minute long.

In other news, Facebook-owned social media giant Instagram is testing a subscription feature which is live on App Store in India at Rs. 89 per month. This will allow creators to put exclusive content behind a paywall, giving influencers another way to monetize content.

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This will allow the creators from various domains to earn more and make their business more sustainable. Though how much it will suit the Indian market remains to be seen.


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