OTT giant Amazon is introducing a new feature on Prime Video that will allow users to share 30-second video clips from their favorite shows and movies with friends. You will be able to share the bite-sized clips on social media channels or via direct messages.

Currently, it is available for a selected lot of movies and shows like The Boys, The Wilds, Invincible Episode 1, and Fairfax but Amazon has said that more titles will be added soon. Also, clip sharing is limited to iOS device users in the US in its initial rollout. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the clip share feature will currently be available to iPhone users with version 8.41 of the Prime Video app.

Amazon Prime Video 30-sec clip sharing: How it works

Amazon Prime Video

While watching a title on the Prime Video app on your iOS device including iPhone or iPad models, one can tap the ‘Share a clip’ button to create a 30-second video clip of what you are watching. The ‘Share Clip’ button will show up alongside the rest of the controls while watching on Prime Video App.

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Clip sharing option on Prime Video

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Amazon Prime app will then pause what you are watching and open the clip where you get the option to edit and share it.

Once the clip is created, one will be able to move it forward or backward to fine-tune. You can ‘Preview’ the clip before sharing it as well.

Then, you can share the clip by tapping the ‘Share’ icon on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Apple’s iMessage, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Amazon’s new initiative to let users share its content as videos is a first-of-its-kind feature in the world of streaming platforms. No other OTT giant including Amazon’s major rivals Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar allows this at present.


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