American technological giant Apple has decided to launch an investigation into the case of one Brianna Olivas, who witnessed smoke coming out of her iPhone 7 Plus, which then finally exploded.

Olivas also uploaded a video of her phone that her boyfriend took, with smoke billowing out from its right, also melting away the case in the process.

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The video has started a social media frenzy of sorts and has been viewed more than 1.26 million times and gathering more than 18,000 tweets in addition to hundreds of replies.

Olivas has turned over the phone to Apple, which is currently conducting tests on it and will reportedly come out with a plausible reason for the incident in a week or so.

According to her, the problem started the day before when the phone wouldn’t turn on. She then took it to an Apple store and it soon started working fine.

The next morning, however, as she was sleeping, her boyfriend took the phone, which was on charging till then, and placed it on the dresser. After sometime, smoke started coming out of the phone along with a squealing noise.

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By the time he could reach it, it had already caught fire. As he threw it in the toilet, the phone blew up and more smoke started coming out of it.

The sensational video has cooked up a storm and since it is not the first time that an iPhone has caught fire, has incited comparisons similar to Samsung’s infamous Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Some have even come with possible reasons behind the incident, stating that Olivas’ liquid-filled phone case could be the one to blame.

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Just a friendly reminder, high capacity Lithium Ion batteries are prone to catching fire if it has damaged or defective components, although it is still unclear as to what caused this incident.


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