A South Korean report has emerged, which contains the know-how of the release timelines as well as availability details of two of the most awaited phones this year – the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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The LG flagship phone would be out for sale from 10th March onwards and it would be available for pre-orders a week before that (2nd March-9th March). This would mark the first time the company will be releasing a new product before one from Samsung’s S series comes out (around 50 days earlier, if you count in the pre-order days too).


The S8, on the other hand, will see a common domestic and global release date without any presale window, ditching the company’s earlier plans to first have a presale a week before its South Korean launch (14th April) followed by a global launch a week later. The move was perhaps done away with in order to have stable supplies.

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Samsung has decided not to go ahead with a presale with its own flagship, but given its tendency to do so after overviewing the market situation, it could quite possibly give in, specially if the G6 manages to garner good initial response.

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The two companies are at loggerheads and seem to have two very different approaches to ensure that their flagship comes out on top. While LG is hell bent on drawing the attention of the customers, Samsung has taken up an observational approach.

It would be particularly interesting to see who comes on top: LG with its G6 or Samsung with its Galaxy S8.

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