The Best AI Image Generators for 2024

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AI has taken over content creation and generation of digital products by a large number, and images are no exception. You can now generate various images using AI for personal and commercial use. 

There are thousands of AI tools available that can help you generate AI images. This raises the question: Which of these AI image generators are actually good enough? And if they are good enough, are they free or paid? In this guide, I’ll share the best AI image generators for 2024, both free and paid. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Bing Image Generator (Free)

Bing Image Generator

The first image generator on our list is the Bing AI Image Generator, powered by DALL·E3. To create an image, simply describe what you want, then click “Join and Create.” You’ll need to sign in using a Microsoft account.

After signing in, you can enter your prompt and hit Create to generate four images. The tool also offers a “Surprise Me” option, generating images based on its prompt. Additionally, you can view your recent photos using the Bing app. It is available on the Bing and Copilot app or webpage, and it’s absolutely free.

Use Bing Image Generator

2. Meta AI (Free)

Meta AI

The second one on our list is Meta AI, which Meta recently introduced. It generates images using Meta’s multi-modal AI model, Llama 3. You can access it via WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. 

To use Meta AI on any of these apps, click on the MetaAI icon, read the agreements if you want, and then generate images. These images are absolutely free to download and generate, and you can explore your creativity with various prompts.

Use Meta AI

3. Google Gemini (Free)

Google Gemini

Google Gemini is another excellent tool for creating images. It’s new and uses Google’s special image generation AI model to create lifelike pictures. What’s neat is it can do all sorts of styles. You can use it through the Gemini app on your Android or iPhone or just go to It’s free, but you’ll need a Google account.

One great thing about Google Gemini is you can even set it as your AI assistant on Android if you want to switch things up from Google Assistant. Whether you’re into art or just want to try something different, Google Gemini is a fun and easy way to get creative with images.

Use Google Gemini

4. Midjourney (Paid)


The next tool on our list is Midjourney, which used to be free but now comes with a price tag. It’s a paid tool, and to use it, you’ll need to sign up and register on Discord. Once you’ve joined the Midjourney server, head to one of the “newbies” rooms and use the “/imagine” command to write your prompt and generate an image. The tool lets you explore different variations of the image, and it’s pretty straightforward to use, which is nice.

Midjourney offers four subscription tiers:

  • The Basic plan for $10 or $96 annually
  • The Standard plan for $30 or about $300 annually
  • The Pro plan for $60 or $576 annually
  • The Mega plan for $120 per month or $1152 annually 

The Basic plan includes 200 generations per month, while the Standard plan offers 15 hours of fast generations and unlimited relaxed generation. The Pro and Mega plans offer unlimited generations and 30 to 60 hours of fast generations. 

Additionally, the basic plan allows for optional credit top-ups to generate more than 200 images for an extra fee. Midjourney is mainly designed for commercial use but can also be used for personal projects, although it’s no longer free.

Use Midjourney

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5. DALL-E 3 (Paid)

DALL-E 3: Opinionated, Boring - Use cases and examples - OpenAI Developer  Forum

DALL-E3 is another tool that requires payment, and you can access it through a ChatGPT Plus subscription for $20 a month. With this subscription, you can request detailed prompts, but there’s a limit of 40 prompts every 3 hours.

You have the flexibility to modify the generated images using DALL-E3. The tool provides selection tools and other editing options, allowing you to make changes like requesting more image variations, altering the point of view, or adding/removing subjects, all through prompts.

For those looking to try DALL-E3 for free, it’s available through the Bing Image Creator. Yes, the Bing Image Creator also uses DALL-E3, so there’s no need to get a ChatGPT Plus subscription to try it out. Nonetheless, if you prefer using DALL-E3 within ChatGPT, you can get the $20 monthly ChatGPT Plus subscription, which will also give you access to other exclusive features and access to ChatGPT 4.


6. PhotoSonic (Free + Paid)


Next, we have Photosonic AI, which offers a range of features for image generation and enhancement. With Photosonic AI, you can create multiple images, digital art, and even paintings. It also provides copyright to your generated images and can autocomplete prompts.

To use Photosonic AI, you’ll need to log in. The free version allows you to generate ten images per month. For more usage, there’s a basic plan priced at $10 a month, which lets you generate 100 images. There’s also a pro plan for $20 a month, allowing you to generate 1000 images. 

Use Photosonic

7. Remaker AI (Free + Paid)

Remaker AI

Next on our list is Remaker AI, a popular tool known for its face-swapping feature and image-editing capabilities using AI. To use Remaker AI, you’ll first need to create an account. While the interface may feel clunky, the AI performs remarkably well. Upon signing up, you’ll receive 30 free credits, and if you log in daily, you’ll earn an additional five credits per day.

If you need more credits, you can purchase them: Rs. 248 for 150 credits, Rs. 1658 for 1100 credits, and Rs. 1448 for 3000 credits. The ease of use, 30 free credits, and daily credit bonuses make Remaker AI worth trying out. 

However, the editing features may not always be perfect. In addition to face swapping, Remaker AI offers features like background removal and AI replacers, all accessible using the same credits.

Use Remaker AI

9. Fotor (Paid)


Next up, we have Fotor AI, an all-in-one image-generating tool that offers a variety of features. Fotor AI uses a credit system where each generated image costs one credit. While it produces high-quality images, the free version only provides five credits. 

To continue using Fotor AI, you must subscribe to the Pro plan, which costs Rs. 299 per month and gives you 100 credits monthly. Alternatively, the Pro+ plan, priced at Rs. 499 per month, offers 300 credits per month, 2 GB of cloud storage, and gives you access to all the features.

fotor plans

Use Fotor

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1. What is an AI image generator?

An AI image generator is a tool that can generate images based on text prompts, existing images, or any kind of input that it supports. It is trained on huge amounts of data, including images and videos. It uses this trained data to analyze the kind of image you want and generate it for you.

2. How does an AI image generator work?

AI image generators use deep learning algorithms to understand and interpret visual data. They can generate images by learning from vast amounts of data, including pictures and videos, and using this to create new, unique images based on your prompts.

3. What kind of images can I create with an AI image generator?

An AI image generator can generate all kinds of images except those banned or censored by the AI tool. For example, you can generate images of clouds, the universe, a house, a forest, a school, a castle, and a trillion other things, including realistic photographs, abstract art, digital paintings, and more.  

4. What are some of the benefits of using an AI image generator?

An AI image generator can save time and effort, especially when creating complex or detailed images. It can also help you explore new creative ideas and styles by generating images you might not have thought of otherwise. It can also help you create content for your audience, which would otherwise have taken a lot of time.

5. What are the limitations of AI image generators?

AI image generators are always improving as they learn from new datasets. Unfortunately, they are not very good at generating small details in an image, such as fingers, a group of similar objects, text, and more. Plus, most of the time, AI image generators produce unrealistic images, particularly when you ask for a very complex image.

6. How do I write a good prompt for an AI image generator?

Writing a good prompt for an AI image generator involves providing precise and detailed instructions to guide the image generation process. Be specific, use descriptive language, provide context, and avoid ambiguity.

7. Can I edit the images generated by an AI image generator?

Yes, you can edit images generated by an AI image generator within the same generator (using follow-up prompts) or an external editing app like Photoshop. Most AI image generators like Bing, DALL-E3, and Meta AI allow you to edit the image using follow-up prompts.

8. Can I use an AI image generator for commercial purposes?

Yes, most AI image generators allow commercial use of the generated images. However, some generators strictly prohibit this in their terms of use. So, it’s always a good idea to check the terms of the AI image generator before using it for commercial purposes.

9. Who owns the copyright to images generated by an AI image generator?

Copyright ownership of images generated using an AI image generator varies from tool to tool. Some tools may grant you the right to ownership of these images, while others may keep it for themselves. Copyright laws may also depend on the country you live in. It’s always a good idea to check your country’s and the AI image generator’s policies to clear such doubts.

10. How is my data used and protected by AI image generators?

The use and protection of your data by AI image generators can vary depending on the tool and its privacy policy. Generally, AI image generators may collect and use data to improve their algorithms, provide personalized experiences, and comply with legal requirements. Some tools may allow you to stop them from collecting your data, but that’s rare.

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