10 Best Artificial Intelligence Voice Generators in 2024: Top Text-to-Speech Generators Available Online

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AI has become increasingly popular these days and the rise of Artificial Intelligence has also led a to large number of useful Text-to-Speech (TTS) tools and generators being available online. Text-to-speech generators or AI Voice generators use deep learning algorithms and neural networks to create lifelike speech that sounds realistic and natural.

There are various AI Voice generator online tools that use AI and machine learning to help in making videos for professional and entertainment purposes. In this article, we have listed the 10 best AI Voice Generators available right now.

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10 Best AI Voice Generators in 2024

1. Speechify

Speechify is a text-to-speech generator that can turn text in any format into natural-sounding speech. It can take PDFs, emails, documents, or even articles to change them into audio form so that one can listen to them instead of reading. You can even adjust your reading speed and the website has over 30 voices to choose from.

It is an intelligent software that can identify more than 15 different languages when processing text, and seamlessly convert scanned printed text into clear audio files. It has web-based extensions with browsers like Safari and Chrome. The tool can scan and convert printed text to speech within seconds. Speechify is free to use with costs starting at 11.58 USD per month.

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2. Murf

Murf is one of the best text-to-speech generator tools right now. It enables anyone to convert text to speech, do voiceovers and dictations, and more with just a few steps. The tool can be used by product developers, podcasters, educators, business leaders, motivational speakers and other professionals. Murf comes with various customization options to create natural-sounding voices and has a plethora of voices and dialects to choose from. The platform has an easy-to-use interface.

There is a comprehensive AI voice-over studio that includes a built-in video editor. There are 100+ voices from 15 languages to choose from and you can also choose speaker, accents, voice style, tone, purpose, etc. Murf also offers a voice changer feature that enables you to record without using your own voice as a voiceover. These voiceovers can be customized by pitch, speed, volume, and more. The creator can add pauses and emphasis or change pronunciation as well. It is free to use with paid plans starting at 19 USD per month.

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3. Lovo.ai

Lovo.ai is an award-winning AI-based voice generator platform that is one of the easiest and robust platforms available. It produces voices that resemble the real human voice closely. The tool offers a number of voices that can cater to various industries like entertainment, banking, education, gaming, business, documentary, news, and more by refining the voice synthesis mode. Due to its wide usage, Lovo.ai has accumulated loads of interest from esteemed organizations on a global scale.

Lovo has recently announced Genny, a next-generation AI voice generator that has text-to-speech and video editing capabilities. The generator can produce human-like voices that too of stunning quality. There are over 500 AI voices to pick from in 20+ emotions and 150+ languages. Voices are professional grade that sound realistic and the editor can even modify emphasis, speed, pitch, and more to make the voice sound how they want it. The platform is free to use with paid plans starting at 29 USD per month.

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4. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is also a powerful AI Voice Generator that can convert written text into natural-sounding speech. It has a clean interface and the most realistic AI voices available. The tool is easy to afford and comes with dedicated support and an ethical code of conduct for reliability.

The voices it generates are very realistic as well so it becomes difficult to distinguish them from real human voices. The platform saves time, money, and effort put into recording voiceovers for audiobooks, videos, podcasts, etc. There is a completely free plan available for individuals as well as teams.

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5. Fliki

Fliki makes generating videos as simple as writing due to its script-based editor. The tool allows you to make videos with lifelike voiceovers, within minutes. It is powered by AI and comes with 2000+ realistic text-to-speech voices across 75+ languages. It is different from other social media tools as it combines text-to-video and text-to-speech in one place to offer a unified platform for content creation.

Videos can be created for a variety of purposes educational needs, business needs, product demos, how-to videos, instructional videos, YouTube videos, TikTok reels, and more. The tool doesn’t need the user to have a video editing experience.

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6. Synthesys AI Studio

Synthesys is also a leading AI voice generator tool available online. It is a powerful AI text-to-speech generator that allows anyone to produce a professional AI voiceover or AI video in just a few clicks.

It is on the leading edge of making algorithms for text to voiceover and videos for commercial use. The creators can enhance their explainer videos or product tutorials in a few minutes with the use of a natural human voice. Synthesys Text to Speech and Synthesys Text to Video tech can change your script into vibrant and dynamic media presentations.

You can choose from a library of 34 female and 35 male voices and also create voiceovers to sell them. Adding pauses wherever needed also enhances the final output. There is a preview mode as well wherein you can see the results and make changes without losing time rendering. Synthesys is free to use with paid plans starting at 41 USD per month.

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LiSTNR is an AI voice maker that has some of the best AI voices available at the moment. It has a huge library of voices that one can use to create voiceovers for online courses, explainer videos, advertisements, instructional videos, and more. You can record and edit your podcasts directly from the dashboard of the tool and edit the embed module provided by LiSTNR within the platform.

Using the tool, one can insert a link to an online article or blog post and it will generate the accompanying audio version for it. One can change the voice style, pronunciations, speed, and audio output from their minimal and easy-to-navigate interface. Audio generated by LiSTNR can also be shared on social media networks like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. For programmers, it gives access to their TTS API so you can integrate their solution into your app. There are 900+ AI voices which makes it one of the largest libraries in the market.

It is free to use with paid plans starting at 9 USD per month.

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8. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is one of the best video creation tools with AI voice generation in-built. It allows you to clip, merge, import, and record video clips from the comfort of your web browser. Along with video editing, their text to speech feature allows you to enter text and turn it into AI-generated voiceovers for video projects.

You have to enter your text into the editor and then you can fade it, edit speed, trim, and do much more. Captions can be generated from your voice to help create accessible videos for your viewers. It is not a standalone AI voice-generating tool so it comes with elaborate tools for editing. It supports over 170 languages and has customizable voice styles. Clipchamp is free to use with paid plans starting at 11.99 USD per month.

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9. Resemble.AI

If you are someone who wants to use AI for voiceover projects, that too in your own voice, then Resemble.AI can be your choice. This web-based platform gives tools to upload, type, or speak and generate your AI voice, birthed from the creator’s natural voice. It comes with a suite of voices for you to use and if you want to create a unique voice, this tool can help you create that.

Your own AI voice can be made from text or your speech as the editor allows the addition of inflections and emotions that can be converted into various languages for localized audio files. Even if you need professional help, Resemble AI has a marketplace where voice actors can be hired and their voices be used for making custom voices for the next projects. It is cost-effective and a useful tool for e-learning. There is a free trial while the paid plans start from 0.006 USD/second.

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10. Play.ht

Play.ht is a super powerful text-to-voice generator that creates professional, high-quality audio from text. The tool comes in handy when making podcasts, videos, or articles and includes a number of synthetic voices to choose from. It allows you to easily convert text to audio and customize audio with speech styles and pronunciations. The process takes a few minutes only.

The tool stores and manages audio files which can be exported in MP3 and WAV formats to collaborate with team members. There is a podcasting solution as well to distribute your audio content. It is a good text-to-speech plugin for WordPress and is free to use with paid plans starting at 29 USD per month.

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1. Will AI be able to replicate your voice exactly as it is?

Yes, with the help of voice cloning AI will be able to replicate anyone’s voice almost as it is.

2. Can one make a deepfake voice on their own?

Making a phony voice is as simple as downloading software on your device. Anyone can create a deepfake voice.

3. What do you mean by AI text-to-speech?

It is neural text-to-speech that uses neural networks and machine learning tech to make synthesized speech outputs from the text.

4. Can the generated audio file be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, mostly all created audio files can be used for commercial purposes without any copyright issues.

5. Which audio format is supported in Text-to-speech?

The text can be translated into MP3 and WAV formats.

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