Is finding your stuff is no less than a battle for you? If yes, then you can seek help from the tech world that can help you keep tabs on what’s where on your behalf and save you loads of anxiety.

A number of portable tracking devices available in the market can be attached to your belongings and then communicate with your phone via Bluetooth or in built GPS to ensure that you and your belongings are always within reach.

Here are a few tracking devices that you can buy.

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The Lapa is the most useful tracking device for all your essential stuff. First of all, its compact design allows you to attach it to your keys/wallet/laptop/phone, and second, it can immediately notify you whenever you separate from your belonging.

As soon as you are slightly away (a specific distance, though) from your product, the tracker alerts you to go back and retrieve your belonging. The tracker also comes with a built-in light and sound alert feature, and an ability to track from a great distance, 200 ft to be precise.

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TrackR is a coin-sized tracking device that will attach to any of your things you would like to trace. It has an interesting separation alert feature that alerts you as soon as you move away from your belongings.

The tracker uses Bluetooth for tracking and offers connectivity up to 100ft. You can also use the TrackR to make the device beep and easily find your stuff.

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If you are looking for an advance tracking device that offers a reliable security against theft, Locca can be the one. The tracker allows you to track your stuff using GPS, GSM cellular network, Bluetooth and even FSK. The compact and sleek design of Locca helps you to attach the device to anything, and port it anywhere.

Additionally, it is waterproof and sturdy enough to survive accidental drops so you can take it anywhere you like; even underwater. There is also a light and a buzzer to help you find your stuff when you are close to them.

However, the product will be on sale by the end of this year, but you can reserve your device now.

Pebblebee Finder

This cute shiny little device by Peeblebee is quite a thing. The tracker comes with a 200ft range, a loud buzzer, and a LED light, that will always keep you close to your stuff.

The product is compact enough to go with anything, you can even store it in your wallet. It supports a battery life for a whole year which can be replaced by users themselves. To add to the already loaded device, the tracker offers voice assistant feature which lets you find your stuff using voice commands.

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Click n dig

This tracking device is very simple yet handy to use. The device comes with a receiver and a transmitter, the receiver is attached to your belonging that you would like to track and the transmitter is then used to fetch the signals aired by the receiver.


For tracing, simply press the respective button on the transmitter and the receiver will make a loud beep along with a flash to alert for you.

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The tracker is exclusively designed to keep track of your petS. The device is completely safe for animals, and you can keep track of them by tying the device to their neck or collar. It uses GPS, cellular data and WiFi to offer accurate locations of your pet and lets you create virtual boundaries and also notifies you when your pet tresspasses them. 

Besides being a location tracker, Whistle is actually a fitness tracker as well and helps you track your pet’s sleep and activity. It can detect changes in activity pattern and alert you if something doesn’t feel right.

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Although Tile tracking device comes in different shapes and sizes, this particular design scores the most. This little round-edged flat cubical shape can be easily attached to your keys; slipped into a wallet; or stick to your laptop.

It has almost all the features of a tracking device, which can be accessed with an app that will also lists the last recorded location of the object. However, the shortcoming is that it has a non-removable and non-chargeable battery which means that you have to upgrade to the latest model every year (Tile offers some subsidy when you upgrade).

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Never lose your devices with these tracking devices

If you often lose track of where you kept stuff, these tracking devices can be a huge convenience and even potential life savers. Just buy the one best suited to your needs and you might actually be surprised by how handy these equipment trackers can be.


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