Tile, the global consumer electronics company that develops Bluetooth trackers for everyday items like keys, backpacks, and others. The brand has introduced a new hardware lineup in India including the new Tile Sticker, Tile Slim, and Tile Pro. Together, they push the envelope of functionality and convenience in tracking lost belongings.

Tile Sticker

Tile Sticker launched in India

Tile Sticker is the tiniest finder in their portfolio. It is waterproof and adhesive-backed. Hence, you can attach it to most metal and plastic materials, including remote controls, cameras, and outdoor gear. It can work within a 150 feet radius and sports a three-year battery life.

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Tile Slim

Tile Slim launched in India

Tile Slim, like the name, features a sleek form factor resembling a credit card. So, it will stay low key upon wallets, luggage tags, and other hidden spots. It claims to work within a 200-foot range and capable of twice the volume of the previous Slim. It can run for three-years full-on battery.

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Tile Pro

Tile Pro launched in India

They are pro in terms of an extended range unto 400 feet, durability, and strong design.

Besides and beyond the hardware prowess, Tile also praises the Global Tile Community which is active in helping out the aggrieved. For instance, once an item is marked as lost if any member of the Tile Community spots the missing item, the owner is automatically notified with its location.

Commenting on the India launch, Amlan BhattacharjyaCEOBrand Eyes, Official Distributors of Tile in India, said, “Tile is committed to providing a seamless way of life powerfully backed by Tile hardware to assist you. With this new range of products, one can rely completely on Tile to keep a track of their belongings right from laptops, TV remotes, passport, backpacks, toys to a plethora of other items. We are elated to launch the three renowned products catering to the needs of each and everyone.”

Tile Trackers Pricing and Availability

You could buy them from Amazon.in at the following pricing:

Model Specification Price (INR) Color Available
Tile Sticker Range of 150 ft / 46m;

Loud Ring;

3-Year Built-in Battery;


27mm x 7.3mm



3999/- for a pack of two; 7999/- for a pack of four




Tile Slim Range of 200 ft / 61m;

Louder Ring;

3-Year Built-in Battery; Waterproof;

86mm x 54mm x 2.4mm







Tile Pro Range of 400 ft / 122m;

Loudest Ring;

1-Year Replaceable CR2032 Battery;


42mm x 42mm x 6.5mm






Black and White


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