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Samsung Galaxy A80 ships with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 730G, wherein the G apparently stands for an enhanced gaming-focussed chipset. It was launched recently along with Samsung Galaxy A70, A50 (review), A40 and A20e in the Galaxy Event.

The Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 730G chipsets are not the first mid-range Qualcomm chips to include the latest (and powerful) Cortex-A76-based cores. The Snapdragon 675, that powered the affordable Redmi Note 7 Pro, was the first one to do so. In fact, the Snapdragon 675 was even outclassed higher tier Snapdragon 710 in some performance aspects.

Of course, next-generation technology and smaller 8nm process node give Snapdragon 730G a clear cut advantage over Snapdragon 675, but if you were curious regarding how much of an improvement the new mid-range Qualcomm chips are, recently published AnTuTu scores will give you a rough idea.

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The Snapdragon 730, 730G and the Snapdragon 665 chipsets spotted on AnTuTu. Image: ithome

These benchmark scores corroborate the 35% performance improvement gains that Qualcomm made.

Snapdragon 730G takes the lead here with a CPU score of 86,915 points beating the Snapdragon 675 which scored 81032. This difference is nothing when compared to the whopping gap of 31820 between GPU scores of SD730G and SD675. From the above results, you could see the 730G continues the trend in other tests as well.

It must also be mentioned that AnTuTu scores aren’t an ideal metric to judge real-world performance since, unlike popular apps we use, these benchmarks often do not push memory subsystem to their limits.

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It would be a big deal if this mid-range processor gets shipped with devices at far low prices. Well, ever since Xiaomi disrupted the market with its Snapdragon 845-powered Poco F1 (review), we could safely wish this to happen.

Antutu Benchmark Scores of Mid-range Snapdragon Chipsets



CPU GPU UX Memory Overall
SD730G 86915 66398 59023 10202 222538
SD730 82585 63878 55119 11531 213113
SD710 66584 47736 43952 9699 167971
SD675 81032 34578 45975 12817 174402
SD670 62865 42782 41886 11918 159451
SD665 57939 31798 29181 6174 125092
SD660 66695 30902 39367 7778 144742


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