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Edge is Motorola’s mid-to-higher end brand of phones. Over the years we have seen some quality offerings from this Edge line. And they tend to provide some flagship-level bells and whistles. So, in its upcoming Edge 30 Ultra, the brand seems to be including support for a “Smart Stylus”. Some design sketches reveal the same and how this stylus would function as well as be a part of the handset’s folio case.

Let’s check it out.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Smart Stylus

That Folio Case will have a pen holder pouch by the back within which the Smart Stylus would sit. The case will have more significance than any other 3rd party alternative as it will be sensing the insertion and removal of the stylus from it. This works with the inbuilt software triggers of the phone that would detect and alert you when the stylus has been out for a long time.

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Not only that you can set certain apps to auto-launch whence you eject the stylus for use. Similarly, automation can be enabled for phone settings like Bluetooth too.

Now, the stylus has been termed next-gen and would come with features like air gestures to remotely control content navigation on an external display.

Coming back to that case, while the stylus stays in its pouch, the latter charges wirelessly. You can see the state of charging just like you can know the supported apps by it.

The case has got an always-on strip of a screen, which won’t be just a status bar for stuff like time, date, battery percentage, but also responsive to swipe/slide inputs for accepting or rejecting calls.

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Also, the report mentions that the name Folio Case is not finalized yet and it could be called something else at launch. Anyways, we look forward to seeing both these accessories released alongside the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra in global markets including India.

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