A few weeks back I had shared my thoughts on another Mevofit fitness watch called MevoFit C500 Space (review). Not very long after that, I had my hands on the MevoFit Race Thrust E500. So, I started off using it by rewinding the experience I had with the other model. There’s ought to be some comparisons and parallels drawn as a result. Nonetheless, here is my review of MevoFit Thrust. Read on to know things you should know before making a buying decision.

But before, here’s a brief of the specs:

MevoFit Race Thrust E500 Price in India and Specs

Model  MevoFit Race Thrust E500
Display 1.3-inches Colored 240×240 Pixel TFT screen
Touchscreen No
Color Black, Blue, and Red
Battery Life 7-10 days, Magnetic Charger for Fast Charging
Dust and Waterproof Yes, IP67
Features Steps, Distance, Running, Calories Burned & Active Minutes. This SmartWatch comes with Automatic Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker, ECG+ PPG Tracker, Call/SMS/Social Notifications & Reminders.
Sports Modes Running, Walking, Hiking & Cycling
Warranty 1 year
Price Rs. 6,290 (official website pricing)


MevoFit Race Thrust: Design and Display

MevoFit has given this watch a simple and sober look. Our review unit is the Black variant which is more gray-like. Graphics on the round watch face and the bordering circumference is kinda cool. The silver bezel also adds to its looks. Albeit the strap is made of plastic, the material feels rigid. But overall, the watch is handy and amiable on the design front. It doesn’t add much weight to the wrist.

The display is fine for the fare. It is 1.3-inches diagonally with 240×240 Pixel resolution. MevoFit has clad a TFT screen on top which was decent with colors and lux. I felt dumb every time trying the weird arm-twist to activate the smart tracker. Moreover, I would’ve appreciated more watch faces and a touchscreen.

The learning curve around the interface is pretty straightforward by tapping on the crown and the MevoFit logo at the bottom of the display. You can single tap on the crown to turn on and off the display or to jump back to the home screen. As for cycling through the features, you just have to tap the MevoFit logo. Force pressing the logo will select and start various features on screen.

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MevoFit Race Thrust: Features

Foraying into the fitness features, my views and opinions are stands the same as I had on the MevoFit Space edition. To reiterate, the Thrust model is handicapped by the faulty trackers, which is ironical. But, to be fair, many other bands and watches in budget fall in the same bucket. For instance, a 1.5km distance walk was shown 4 km in the watch. The step counting isn’t reliable as it gets spoofed by auto rides. You would face a similar disappointment with sleep tracking notably if you’re a sleepyhead who loves to crash on the couch for short naps.

It keeps a tab on your heart rate, BP, ECG, PPG, and passes notifications of calls, messages, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. These were also sporadic and hence I used them with a pinch of salt. Furthermore, you can thrust your limits in four sports viz. walking, running, hiking and cycling.

In case you’re wondering, a few other features that haven’t made the cut are – built-in GPS, Blood Oxygen tracker(which was available on the Space model I’d tested) and Swimming activity monitor. Speaking of which, the device comes with IP67 water resistance. This means it can make do with sweat, drizzle, or small water splashes.

One area where the brand’s efforts are apparent is in their app interface. First of all, there is a log of every step, distance, activity, and calories burned as a result. These are indexed periodically for your analysis and understanding. Add to this, the preloaded workout guide, which might benefit beginners on the fitness path.

MevoFit Thrust review

Last but definitely not the least, the battery life might very well be its saving grace. It was a long-lasting companion to my wrist, somewhere around the advertized time frame. The magnetic charging cradle is also convenient to carry around. No quibbles there.

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MevoFit Race Thrust: Verdict

You would’ve read me going on and on underlining various quirks of this smartwatch. Even though it bags a bunch of features, it pales in performance. After all, faulty fitness tracking can’t be written off as passable nitpicks. Summing up I infer Mevofit does have some areas to improve. So, if you’re on a fence, look out in the world of wearables as your options aren’t going anywhere.


  • Decent design
  • Multiple health tracking features
  • Useful application


  • Tracking accuracy not up to the mark


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