MevoFit C500 Space review

We as a nation are moving towards a Fit India and as such, we need to take fitness more seriously than ever before. Some of us would have already pictured a fitness resolution for the upcoming year. Gladly, with the convergence of health consciousness and technology, we can track our fitness goals right from our wrist. (MevoFit C500 Space हिंदी में पढ़िए)

Now, from the umpteen amount of options out there, finding the one that fits your bill and serves your tracking needs is a tough task. Enter MevoFit, an indigenous startup with a store of budget-friendly fitness wears in India. I’ve had the brand’s Space edition smartwatch as a daily companion for a couple of weeks now. So, I’ll be sharing my experience with it, including what I liked and what could have been done better. It retails at Rs. 5,290 and if you’re looking for something in that bracket, find how it fares for that price in this review.

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MevoFit C500 Space Price in India and Specs

Model  MevoFit C500 Space
Display 1.3-inches Colored 240×240 Pixel TFT screen
Dial Diameter & thickness 35mm; 0.9mm
Color Black Grey and Black Green
Battery Life 7-10 days, 170mAh – fully charged in 1.5 hours with a standby time of 30 days; Magnetic Charger for Fast Charging
Dust and Waterproof Yes, IP67
Features Activity tracker, sleep, HR, BP, Blood Oxygen, Sports Mode, Music Player, Timer, & Notifications Display (Call, SMS & Social)
Sports Modes Walking, Running, Cycling, Badminton, Skipping, Football, and Basketball
Warranty 1 year
Price Rs. 5,290

MevoFit C500 Space Review: Design and Display

MevoFit C500 Space review

Ever since the day, I latched it on my wrist, many have stopped me and inquired about the new watch I’m flaunting. This might be partly because of how it resembles the premium ones out there. And that’s a big plus for the price you pay. It’s comfortable and light wear at 28 grams. As for the build, MevoFit Space is made of a Zinc alloy plus Plastic material, attached to a soft yet fairly sturdy strap.

It has a 1.3-inch TFT color screen that’s pretty legible both out and indoors. There is an option to tweak the brightness to your liking. That’s good! The dial has a diameter of 35mm. You get to pick three watch faces, which slightly shifts the layout of on-screen contents like time and date. So yeah, on the customization front, I wished there were more options to play around. Further, if it were a full touchscreen panel, the experience would’ve been up a notch.

MevoFit C500 Space review

Despite the lack of touch interaction, the interface is pretty simple. You can turn on the screen and cycle through its features by tapping the MevoFit logo at the bottom of the display. A simple press on that logo selects the on-screen feature. Speaking of which, the remote camera shutter was the only feature that refused to work in my trials. Moving on, the capacitive button on the left side can be used to turn on and off the display as well as teleport to the home screen. The animations were subtle and pleasing.

MevoFit C500 Space Review: Fitness Features

MevoFit Space, at its crux, is marred by the same issues bugging a few other affordable wrist gears we have tested. For example, the tracker confused auto rides for walking and failed to register my weekend siesta. Step counting is a hit or miss too since I’d seen instances of overcounting.

But, while it slips on the accuracy, the balance is tipped with a deluge of trackers. It lets you monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep health, and other vital signs. Moreover, there are 7 sports modes at your disposal viz. walking running, cycling, badminton, skipping, football and basketball. It’s IP67 certified also for water resistance. So, you can wear it without worrying about sweat, drizzle, or even water splashes whilst freshening up after a heavy session.

Now setting the goals is one thing. But without a well-set goal and a robust tracker, you are likely to fall off the wellness wagon. Gladly, Mevofit app substitutes as a coach. It keeps a track of your movement, distance covered, and calories burned. Thereafter, the data is arranged under various periodical tabs for a layered understanding.

MevoFit C500 Space review

Kudos to the efforts of the developer for compiling a workout guide that might help some. Little things like this make a difference in the experience. BTW, battery life plays a big part in the experience. In a single charge, it managed to live for over a week before giving up on me. Plus, it was a good boy topping back in an hour and a half.

MevoFit C500 Space Review: Verdict

MevoFit C500 Space review

Broadly speaking, I was surprised by the number of features it offers. It’s an attention grabber and a cheer to wear. From the surface, this MevoFit watch seems a sweet bargain at Rs. 5290. However, with all the bells and whistles it offers, the ball’s dropped on the basics. I get that inaccuracy of fitness trackers, save for a few, are debatable. Still and all, MevoFit Space has some space to improve. The spotty step counting states my case in point.


  • Appealing design
  • Multiple health tracking features
  • Functional application


  • Tracking accuracy needs improvement


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