Best Oil-Filled Room Heaters to Buy in India (November 2023)

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Winters can be really cold in certain parts of the world. For instance, my city Delhi had its coldest year in 2019 since 1901, and houses here aren’t built to shield against such low temperatures. In such chilling weather, a room heater can be a big relief.

But, if you go to any online or offline store, you will be overwhelmed by the number of options. There are different types of room heaters coming at different price ranges. And you may have to consider various factors and features too. Room Heaters work on different principles and technologies and one has to decide which one is most suitable for them. While we will talk about the fan and halogen heaters in a different article, here we have compiled a list of the best oil-filled room heaters available at the moment. Before we list the options, let us understand what oil heaters are.

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What are Oil-Filled Room Heaters? How Do they work?

An oil-filled room heater uses heated oil to radiate warmth and though these are a little slow to warm up, they offer consistent and long-lasting heat. These heaters are safe as they don’t have exposed heating elements. This makes the heaters kid-friendly as well. These can work in medium to large rooms consistently. The oil heaters radiate heat evenly, have a silent operation, and come with overheat protection but these can be less portable due to the oil reservoir. The maintenance needed is minimal. Let us dive into the best Oil Heaters available at the moment.

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Best Oil Heaters to Buy in India (2023)

1. Glen Electric 13-Fin Oil Heater

Price- Rs. 8397

Available on- Amazon

Features- Glen Electric 13-Fin Oil Heater helps you get prepared for the winter. The heater is available in 9, 11, and 13 Fin models and features costar wheels and a thermostat for temperature control. The 2500W heater is certified by BIS and has a noise-free operation, adjustable speed control, automatic shut off, and more. It is for indoor use and is suitable for 155 square mt. rooms. There are 3 power settings and no risk of suffocation or oxygen burning. The heater comes in white color, can be floor mounted, and weighs around 11 kgs.

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2. RR Signature 11-fin Oil Heater

Price- Rs. 7999

Available on- Amazon

Features- RR Signature 11-fin Oil Heater features a quick heating PTC fan ensuring a swift and instant warmth throughout the room. This 11-fin heater is equipped with 2900W power and features 360-degree mobility wheels, an adjustable thermostat for temperature control, and 3 heat settings to choose from. The oil heater is suitable for indoor use and has a noiseless operation so you can sleep, study, or do anything without any disturbances. The company offers a 2-year service and replacement on manufacturing defects while the heater is likable for its aesthetic design to complement your home.

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3. Solimo 13-fin Oil Heater

Price-Rs. 7499

Available on- Amazon

Features- Amazon Brand Solimo 13-fin Oil Heater comes with 3 heat settings to fit your needs. It is engineered to be safe from overheating thus making it safe for home and family use. The 400W PTC Fan and 13 large surface fins ensure fast and efficient heating that warms the room swiftly. It has a variable thermostat, easy storage for the cord, and castor wheels for easy mobility. The heater offers a silent operation and can be floor-mounted easily. It weighs around 17 kg and is suitable for bedrooms, home offices, study rooms, etc,

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4. Havells OFR – 11Fin Oil Heater

Price- Rs. 9198

Available on- Amazon

Features– Havells OFR (Oil-filled Room) heater boasts a three-level heating system and 11 oil-filled fins together which provide warmth of 1000/1500/2500 watts. If that’s not enough, go overboard by an additional 400 watts (Heater + Fan). Don’t worry, Havells has put in proper safety measures such as a tilt-over switch. You can move it between rooms by means of the castor wheels at its feet. The heater stands out due to the black and gold finish. If you have a medium to big space to heat up, this is a great choice.

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5. Morphy Richards Oil Filled Room Heater

Price- Rs.8599

Available on- Amazon

This one consumes less than 2000W power and weighs around 15 kg. It comes with a Tip-over switch and overheats protection. It has castor wheels for easy mobility and an oil-filled radiator for quick heating. This one has 9 fans as well and it is available in white color for a price of under 9k on Amazon.

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6. Kenstar 9 Fins Oil Heater (black gold)

Price- Rs. 7899

Available on- Amazon

Features- The Kenstar 9 Fins Oil Heater comes with a silent operation, overheating protection, and a tip-over cut-off switch. It comes in a gorgeous black-gold shade and is suitable for indoor use. There are 3 heat settings and high-grade oil for long-lasting and better heating efficiency. The heater covers a large surface for faster heating and a power of 2400W. It weighs 14.1 kg.

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7. Black+ Decker 11 Fin Oil Heater

Price- Rs. 10,797

Available on- Amazon

Features- Black+ Decker 11 Fin Oil Heater offers efficient and fast heating, thermostat dial, compact design, even heat distribution, and castor wheels. It has a built-in fan heater, overheat protection, 3 heat settings, a dial to maintain temperature, and more. The heater is suitable for 11-12 square ft. room capacity and uses 2800W power to offer warmth in chilly weather. It has a silent operation and makes the room comfortable in no time. The heater weighs 4kgs and is easy to move around.

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8. V-Guard Oil Filled Room Heater

Price- Rs. 9299

Available on- Flipkart

Features– The v-Guard Oil Filled Room Heater consumes 3045W power and comes with 11 fins for fast and efficient heating. It has 3 heat settings- 1000W, 1500W, and 2900W and has a metal and plastic build. The heater weighs 11.2 kg and can be floor-mounted for silent operation. It has a tip-over safety switch, overheat protection, and a cord dimension of 1.9m. V-Guard offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

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9. Bajaj Vienna Oil Heater

Price- Rs. 9879

Available on- Flipkart

Features- The Bajaj Vienna Oil Heater comes with 3 heat settings, castor wheels for easy mobility, and a neat and clean operation as there is no need for a refrigerant or oxygen. The heater has an international design and styling Quadra Safety Assurance along with a thermostat for temperature control, a safety tilt switch, and noiseless operation. Bajaj offers a 1 year warranty with the product which has 9 fins and draws 2400W power. It has a white and cream-colored body.

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10. Symphony 11 Fins Oil Heater

Price- Rs. 8991

Available on- Flipkart

Features- Symphony 11 Fins Oil Heater draws 2900W power for multidirectional heating and comes with 4 heating modes. The modes can be adjusted using knobs on the side. It is easy to carry and extremely safe to use. There is an automatic shut-off feature included with thermostat control. It automatically shuts the heater in case of overheating. Symphony offers a 24-month warranty with the heater against any manufacturing defect. The heater is auto-revolving and has a tip-over switch as well.

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