Best Budget Room Heaters To Buy in India (November 2023)

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The unprecedented winters in Delhi have led to chilly weather and people being tempted to stay indoors and keep themselves warm. A strong cold wave has hit northern India leading to drops in temperature in Delhi-NCR. There has been a sharp rise in the sale of consumer electronics and thermal apparel, with demand for room heaters and fan heaters rising by up to 300%. However, if this sudden winter has caught you off guard and you are still unprepared, here is a list of some good oil heaters, quartz heaters, and fan heaters that will keep you warm and cozy during the season. Currently, websites like Flipkart and Amazon are giving good discounts on these electronics.

There are various types of heaters available in the market. In this article, we will discuss fan heaters (Convectors) and halogen heaters.

Best Halogen Heaters to Buy

1. Polar Halogen Room Heater

Price- Rs. 1995

Available on- Amazon

Features- The Polar Halogen Room Heater Comfort 1200W White 3-Rod with Oscillation Function is a powerful and efficient heating solution fit for Indian homes. It has 3 halogen rods and is designed to offer quick and effective warmth throughout the room, even on the coldest days. It has a 1200W power output and 3 heat settings to choose from- 400W, 800W, and 1200W. It gives long-lasting uniform heating, heat-resistant plastic housing, wide-angle oscillation, a tip-over switch for safety, and a safety mesh guard to stay safe. The heater can cover 200-500 square feet of area and weighs around 3.5 kg.

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2. Crompton Insta Cozy Halogen Room Heater

Price- Rs. 2490

Available on- Amazon

Features- Crompton Insta Cozy Halogen Room Heater is equipped with the latest power-saving technology of extra-long halogen tubes offering high heating efficiency. The heater has a wide oscillation angle offering uniform heating to all corners of the room. There are extra long halogen rods and 3 heat settings- 400W, 800W, and 1200W to suit your needs. The heater is ISI-approved and is suitable for bedrooms, home offices, and study rooms. It weighs around 2 kg and is convenient to carry around.

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3. Orient Electric Durahot Halogen Heater

Price- Rs. 3189

Available on- Amazon

Features– The Orient Electric Durahot Halogen Heater comes with 3 heat settings. You can choose between 400W, 800W, and 1200W according to your needs. There is a 90-degree oscillation that heats up the room uniformly. The heater comes with built-in tip-over protection and a safety grill to offer worry-free use. It has an aesthetic design and a premium build that adds to the look of your home. It is suitable for the living room and weighs merely 1.5 kg.

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4. Bajaj RHX-2 Halogen Room Heater

Price- Rs. 1298

Available on- Amazon

Features- The Bajaj RHX-2 Rod Room Heater is ideal for use in small rooms. The heater offers noiseless 800W heating and has a cord length of 1.5 meters. There are 2 heat settings- 500W and 1000W and dual safety features for peace of mind. It has a tip-over switch and a thermal fuse to keep you safe. Bajaj offers a 2-year warranty on the heater that makes it dependable and value for money. It can be floor-mounted and weighs 1.6 kg.

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5. Usha Halogen 3503 Room Heater

Price-Rs. 3150

Available on- Amazon

Features- The Usha Halogen 3503 room heater is suitable for spot-heating rooms up to a size of 150 square feet. It has a wide-angle oscillation function for a warm all-around experience and is compact and portable with long halogen tubes for effective heating. There are 3 tubes for varied heating needs and a high-grade long-lasting reflector.  The oval-shaped base offers better stability and the 2-meter power cord ensures better mobility. It consumes 1200W power and the company offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty with the heater.

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Best Fan Heaters/ Convectors/Blowers to buy

If oil and quartz heater doesn’t suit you, fan heaters also known as convectors/blowers can be used to heat up your room/house. These are portable, lightweight, easy to operate, and budget-friendly as well.

1. Bajaj Blow Hot Room Heater

Price- Rs. 1899

Available on- Amazon

Features- Bajaj is one of the leading heater manufacturers and its Blow Hot Fan Heater comes with 2 heat settings- 1000W and 2000W. It is equipped with an auto thermal cut-off feature that prevents damage while it is in use and all its components are ISI-marked. It has a compact design, easy mobility, is best suitable for small-medium sized rooms, and weighs 3 kgs. It has durable exteriors, noiseless operation, and comes in white color. It is available on Amazon India.

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2. Orpat OEH Fan Heater

Price- Rs. 1174

Available on- Amazon

Features- This fan heater is meant for spot heating and it comes with 2 heat settings- 1000W and 2000W. It has been made with ABS good-grade plastic and has a safety mess grill. The fan heater comes with a thermal cut-off along with overheating protection which makes it ideal for chilly winters. It is available in white color with a heat setting knob, safety mesh grill, cool body touch, and an option to use it as a fan in summer. It weighs 1 kg and can cover a 250 sq. feet area.

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3. Usha Heat Convector 423N Room Heater

Price- Rs. 2249

Available on- Amazon

Features- This one is meant for spot heating and is ideal for extremely chilly weather. It comes with 3 heat settings- 665/1330/2000W and its twin-turbo design offers better cooling with a night light indicator. This one is portable and ideal for small-medium rooms. It is available in black color with an in-built fan for instant heating, ISI mark, and a 12-square-foot area coverage. It has an adjustable tilt head and is suitable for indoor use.

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4. Crompton Insta Comfort Convector

Price- Rs. 1799

Available on- Amazon

Features- Crompton Insta Comfort Convector comes with two heat settings and overheat protection. The heater has a thermal cut-off and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It comes in a hybrid cyan shade and has a compact and lightweight design (1kg). The convector consumes 2000W power and adjustable temperature feature. Crompton has received ISI certification for the product that comes with a cool-touch plastic body.

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5. RR Signature HCT-20 Convector

Price- Rs. 1999

Available on- Amazon

Features- RR Signature HCT-20 Convector comes with dual heat settings (1000W & 2000W) to suit warmth as per needs. It has an adjustable thermostat and twin-turbo motor along with a tip-over switch for safety. The convector can be floor-mounted and is suitable for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces. It weighs 2.8 kg and draws 2000W power to heat up the room.

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