Best Electric Blankets for Double Beds Available on Amazon India (November 2023)

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Winters are officially here and Indian Winters can prove to be harsh for babies, kids and the elderly as they might feel the effects of the chilly weather more than the others. In India, where temperatures go as low as 2-3 degrees at night, your average blanket and an electric heater might not be enough. In such a case, Electric Blanket can prove to be a good way to remain extra cozy and warm while reading a book or dozing off at night. An electric blanket keeps your bed warm without the need for radiators thus saving electricity costs and keeping one safe from dryness.

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Electric blankets are safe, convenient to use, and cost-effective. Here are some good Electric Blankets available on the Amazon India portal at the moment.

1. Buerer HD 75 Electric Blanket

Price- Rs. 5900

Shades- Taupe, White, White Double

Buerer HD 75 Electric Blanket for a double bed is made of fleece and has 6 individually adjustable temperature levels with electronic temperature control. It is machine washable up to 30 degrees Celsius and comes with an auto switch-off feature that shuts it off after 3 hours. The blanket has a 180×130 cm size and weighs 1895 grams making it perfect for snuggling. It has a removable switch with an illuminated function display and a power of 100 watts.

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2. Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer

Price- Rs. 2969

Shades- Pink, White, Purple, Red, and blue

Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer for Double Bed has a size of 150x160xm. It is made of a polyester blend and weighs just 1900 grams. The warmer comes with 3 heat settings and dual safety features with overheating protection. The blanket shuts off automatically in 12 hours and keeps you comfortable and warm throughout the night. It has a 2 feet controller cord and a 6 feet power cord. The blanket is made in India and is ISO-certified.

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3. Mapel Electric Under Bed Heating Blanket

Price- Rs. 2450

Shades- Checkered blue

Mapel Electric Blanket for Double Bed is made of wool with Teflon-coated wiring for protection against overheating. The blanket comes with 3 heat settings and dual safety features making it 100% safe to use. It can’t be washed at home and doesn’t have an auto-shut-off function so you will have to keep an eye out and switch it off when the heating is adequate. It consumes 70-watt power and has a length of 152×152 cm. The blanket weighs 1000 grams and is made in India.

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4. Home Elite Bed Warmer

Price- Rs. 1599

Shades- Brown, Red, Blue, Green and Orange

Home Elite Bed Warmer for Double Bed is made of microfiber and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. It consumes 70-watt power and has a size of 150×150 cm. The blanket weighs 1500 grams and is equipped with a double safety feature. It is remotely controllable with 2 heat setting options and provides comfort in stiff back and sore body during winters. The blanket gets ready within minutes of installation and comes with safety features like shockproof, water resistant, and more.

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5. Arcova Home Made in India Premium Bed Warmer

Price- Rs. 1899

Shades- Grey

Arcova Premium Bed Warmer for a double bed is an electric blanket that is made of polyester and is fire-resistant. It has a 152×152 cm size and can be remote-controlled between 2 heat settings. The remote allows easy turn-off and on as well. The blanket is shockproof, fire resistant, and overheat protected and autocuts itself to avoid overheating. It weighs 1800 grams and gives results within minutes. The Arcova bed warmer is ISO, ROHS, and CE certified and comes with a 1-year warranty as well.

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6. Pindia Double Bed Heating Electric Blanket

Price- Rs. 2498

Shades- Beige

Pindia Double Bed Electric Blanket has a size of 160x140cm and is designed to be used as an under-bed warmer. It is made of high-quality polar fleece and comes with a controller with 2 heat settings controller. The blanket is thoroughly tested for being shockproof, fire-resistant, and overheat-protected. It weighs 2.58 kg and claims to save electricity as well.

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7. Odyssey Electric Blanket

Price- Rs. 4300

Shades- Beige, Checkered

Odyssey Electric Blanket for double bed has been designed for those seeking warmth and comfort, seamlessly fitting into your life. It helps you stay warm the entire night with an automatic heat controller and polyester synthetic material. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is built-in with safety features for worry-free use throughout the night. Overheat protection ensures safe usage and reduced energy consumption. It is made of fur and has a size of 150x150cm and claims to give relief to back, neck, leg, and cervical pain. The blanket is waterproof and shockproof and is WHO-certified for safe use.

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8. Wincart Premium Electric Heating Blanket

Price- Rs. 2000

Shades- Red

Wincart Premium Electric Heating Blanket for a king-size bed helps you sleep comfortably during winter. It gets you warm in minutes and has a controllable speed feature. The blanket comes with dual safety features and is made of high-quality polyester blend material. Blankets are tested for being shock-proof, fire-resistant, and overheat-protected. The dimensions are 180x150cm and the blanket weighs 1.94 kg.

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9. Nivkart Electric Heating Blanket

Price- Rs. 1999

Shades- Pink

Nivkart Electric Heating Blanket for king-size bed has dimensions of 185x155cm. It comes with 2 heat settings and a controller that helps in adjusting the speed or turning it off/on easily. The blanket is made of high-quality polyester and offers a long lifespan that proves to be economical. The brand promises that the blanket is tested for being shockproof, fire resistant, and overheat protected. It gets you warm within minutes and weighs a mere 500 grams.

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1. What is an electric blanket?

An Electric Blanket is a blanket containing integrated electrical heating wires that carry an electric current to keep the blanket warm.

2. Which electric blanket is better- under the bed or over the bed?

An under-blanket is preferable if you only intend to use an electric blanket at night. They serve as a cozy bottom sheet for your bed and fit over your mattress.

3. Can you put a comforter over a heated blanket?

All types of comforters can be utilized with the majority of heated blanket brands.

4. Can an electric blanket be used on a sofa?

You can use them on the couch, in bed, and even draped while you walk around the house.

5. What safety measures do electric blankets come with?

Overheating, fire resistant, shockproof

6. Who all can benefit from an electric blanket?

Electric Blanket is beneficial for the elderly, those with arthritis, and those who have backaches. These blankets are recommended by doctors and offer heat therapy as well as comfort for aching legs and backs.

7. Do electric blankets have to keep running continuously?

No, electric blankets can be shut off after 10-20 minutes after it gets warm inside.

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