boAt Rockerz Series Price List

boAt Rockerz series is one of the renowned headphones in the Indian market. Also, the home-grown brand gives a head-to-head competition to popular brands like Realme, Noise, HRX, Oppo, etc.

Here you can check all the boAt Rockerz headphones online at the lowest price. And, we have also highlighted the key specifications of the headphones such as their design, drivers’ size, sound quality, connectivity, etc that would help to pick the right headset for you.

The boAt Rockerz series has in-ear-designed neckbands and stylish over-the-ear headphones in its portfolio. Down below is the updated list of the boAt Rockerz series headphones available at the lowest price across different online stores. This price list was last updated on November 29, 2021.

boAt Rockerz Series Price List
Headphones And EarphonesPriceAvailable From
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro Plus Bluetooth Headphone₹1,399Feb, 2021
boAt Rockerz 338 Bluetooth Neckband₹1,299Aug, 2021
boAt Rockerz 333 Bluetooth Neckband₹1,481Jul, 2021
boAt Rockerz 385v2 Bluetooth Headset₹1,975Nov, 2020
boAt Rockerz 335 Bluetooth Headset₹1,599Sep, 2020
boAt Rockerz 235v2 Bluetooth Headset₹989Sep, 2020
boAt Rockerz 330 Bluetooth Neckband₹1,399Jun, 2021
boAt Rockerz 245v2 Bluetooth Headset₹799Dec, 2019
boAt Rockerz 450 Pro Bluetooth Headphones₹1,699Apr, 2021
boAt Rockerz 550 Wireless Headphone₹1,999Jan, 2021
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