WhatsApp In-chat Shopping: How it works

Facebook is expanding the shopping experience within WhatsApp to strengthen its business portfolio. In an upcoming update, the messaging app will show an in-chat ‘shop’ option for registered Business accounts. Users will be able to tap the Store icon and initiate transactions right from the chat window.

As you can see in the above promo video, this feature lets you chat with the store, get catalogs, browse through the options, make the purchase. It would be conversational just like with any other customer support representative. Besides placing the order, you will also receive the receipt and delivery details.

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Now, some of these features are already available and you may have used them like QR code for businesses, Catalog links, etc. They are also present on Facebook Shops and Instagram. It seems like the company is aiming for tight integration between all its platforms.

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Business owners will be able to insert “buy” buttons in their prevailing sites and social channels. The aim is to direct visitors to WhatsApp chats to complete the purchase. Although not mentioned, by the looks of it, it seems the company will be pushing its own payment services like Facebook Pay or Whatsapp Pay as the mode of transaction.


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