WhatsApp owes its success to its simplistic interface, but it also keeps experimenting with and adding new and exciting features.

Recently, the group rolled out its dedicated Business App to assist SMEs in India. And, prior to that, they added features like ‘Delete for Everyone’ and ‘Sharing Live Location’ for all of 1.5 million active users.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is now testing a slew of new features that will look to improve the overall user experience. Here’s what to expect in the future updates of WhatsApp:

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1. WhatsApp Pay Feature

For long the social messaging app was working towards a payment feature, called ‘Pay’ on its platform. The feature has made its way to the app, but currently, it is available to selected WhatsApp beta users. With Whatsapp Pay feature, users can send money to their contacts via UPI (Unified Payments Interface) without actually leaving the app. WhatsApp will make its payment mode available to all users very soon.

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2. WhatsApp Group Description

WhatsApp is working on an update where the group page will have an “About us” section where members can add a description. The feature is already available in the beta version and will soon be accessible to normal users as well. The description can be seen by all the members at the top of group info section. Anyone in the group can modify the description provided that he/she isn’t restricted by the group admin.


3. Group Call and Video Chat Feature

For those who have been complaining about the missing voice and video calls option in WhatsApp Groups – the issue will be solved soon. As reported by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp will make this feature available with app’s 2.18.39 version update. The update will add the call and video button next to the contact names in a group. This way WhatsApp users will be able to make voice and video calls to more than one user simultaneously.

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4. One tap Switch from voice to video calls

In another update, the WhatsApp user could switch their voice call to video call with just a tap. This way users can do a video call from their ongoing voice call without disconnecting the call.

The feature was first noticed in beta version 2.18.4 where a switch button will be added to your call. Tapping on that button will send an invite to the person at the other end of the call to switch to video call. If the person accepts the invite, the voice call will get converted into video call.

5. Restricted Group Feature

The Restricted Group feature update will give special powers to the WhatsApp Group administrators. It will put the group admin in the driver seat and allow him/her to oversee the activities of the group. He/she can restrict any member from sending text messages, photographs, GIFs, or voice messages.

6. Instagram Stories on WhatsApp

Facebook has a feature that allows users to export their Instagram Stories to their Facebook page. The social networking group is trying to do the same with WhatsApp.

Users will soon be able to share Instagram stories on their WhatsApp account as well. The integration seems unrealistic as WhatsApp uses mobile number login whereas Facebook and Instagram require an email. But we can’t underestimate Facebook.

6 Upcoming WhatsApp That You Should Know About

These are the all the upcoming WhatsApp feature that we know so far. The features are currently being tested by the community and will be available for everyone very soon.

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