With the sheer number of “Full View” display phones launching every other day, our march into the bezel-less (or narrow bezel) future is now quite obvious. While the Full view display phones look refreshing and gorgeous, allow you to fit in more on a display (unless it’s 16:9 video content), while simultaneously bolstering one hand usability, But it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

The biggest casualty of this display resolution has been manufacturers eschewing fingerprint sensor. While many of you might prefer the rear-mounted fingerprint readers (the way Google has been doing it), but to us, the unlocking our phones with a front fingerprint sensor has come more naturally.

Fingerprint sensor alternatives aren’t as flawless

So just when we got used to unlocking our phones with fingerprint sensors and just when these sensors got amazingly fast and accurate, manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and others have simply shunned them, resorting to alternatives like Face recognition and Iris scanner – none of which is work as flawlessly. As a result, you will end up unlocking your phone with your Pin or Pattern and that feels super archaic at the end of 2017.

Samsung and Apple tried but failed

Going by the credible rumors that we been hearing for more than a year now, both Apple and Samsung tried to integrated under display fingerprint sensors on their phones in 2017, but couldn’t probably due to a higher error rate in new technology.

Qualcomm demonstrated its under display fingerprint sensor in June 2018 when Vivo even demoed a working prototype, but we haven’t yet heard of any such phone with the under display fingerprint sensor entering mass production.

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 will have an under display fingerprint sensor

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Samsung Galaxy Note9 will have an under display fingerprint sensor that will use light from the AMOLED screen in order to be battery efficient. You will be able to tap a specific area on the display to unlock your phone.

That also implies that we probably won’t see the under display fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S9 that’s expected to launch early next year.

Fingerprint sensor will make a comeback

The Note9 might not be the first phone to do so and any other Android phone might integrate Qualcomm’s solution well ahead of Note9 launch, but that isn’t expected to happen in the next few months. And perhaps it will take a few more generations for OEMs to perfect this technology.

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