What Is Q* (Q-Star), The Controversial AGI Model That Poses A Potential Threat To Humanity?

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Last week, OpenAI fired Sam Altman on the grounds of uncandid communication with the company, following which the company hired two new interim CEOs. However, three to four days into it, OpenAI had to reinstate Sam Altman as the CEO due to pressure from investors. However, during the week-long saga, several theories about why Altman was fired in the first place came up on the internet, including the one about the development of an advanced AGI model that could pose a threat to humanity.

What Is Q-Star?

Q* (pronounced as “Q-star”) is an alleged OpenAI project. It is focused on developing general artificial intelligence, or superintelligence, as some call it. Compiling information from multiple reports, the project made significant progress recently, solving math problems it hadn’t seen before. Generally, one has to train an AI model with a massive set of data for it to give the required outcome. However, solving math problems in the first exposure could imply that Q* had, in fact, attained superintelligence.

How Did OpenAI Make Q-Star?

To achieve this, OpenAI combined the Math Gen and Code Gen teams. Reports suggest that Q* has the ability to understand abstract concepts and logical reasoning. While this is a breakthrough, it could lead to AI developing its own consciousness, similar to what happened in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Unlike other models, Q* could not only train on existing data sets but, in more ways than others, think and apply reasoning to develop new things.

Is Q-Star A Threat To Humanity?

OpenAI Text Classifier

However, the algorithm’s ability to process a large chunk of data simultaneously could easily surpass a human’s ability to grasp information. In other words, OpenAI’s researchers might be worried that the AGI model could become more intelligent than the humans working on it and that there are not enough safety measures to prevent the technology from causing harm. Given that OpenAI now has access to Microsoft hardware, a potential breach could endanger the most powerful AI algorithm and a universe of advanced computer systems.

OpenAI Hasn’t Confirmed The Existence Of Q-Star

However, OpenAI has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such a project, which has led to countless speculations. One such theory talks about how technology could lead to intelligent machines surpassing human intelligence. Community forums and social platforms are flooding with people comparing this to Skynet. This fictitious AI system took control of machines and programmed them to terminate humans from the famous Hollywood franchise Terminator.

Did Q-Star Lead To Altman’s Firing?

Reports suggest that OpenAI’s previous board was concerned about how the technology was moving at a fast pace and could pose a threat to humanity, which could have led to a difference of opinion, which led to the ouster of Sam Altman from the company. Altman’s firing occurred shortly after OpenAI researchers sent a letter to the board warning them about the potential risks of Q*. It is important to mention that these are mere speculations and that neither Altman nor OpenAI has confirmed any of these theories.

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