Oppo F3 is a mid-range selfie smartphone that sports dual-front facing cameras (16MP+8MP) for wide angle selfies (or groupies) and just like the last year’s ‘selfie expert’ it’s fair share of attention from young offline buyers.

If you are one of those selfie enthusiasts who have already taken the plunge, you must also consider some of these back cover options to preserve or enhance its look and feel. Here are the best ones that you can consider.

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Hybrid Case Cover by Designerz Hub

This rugged case cover for your Oppo F3 will protect your phone from scratches and inadvertent drops. Despite its armored look the cover is light in weight and is anti-slip but, it does make your phone a bit bulkier.

The cover has a built-in phone stand which is beneficial when watching movies or videos on your phone.

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Full Body case by Skin World

This case cover is exclusively designed for Oppo F3. The cover surrounds the phone from both back and front, leaving only the essential usable area open for you to operate.

The cover also protects the screen, so if you don’t wish to apply screen protector you can go with this cover.

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Flip cover by Mozette  

Next up we have a leather finish flip cover by Mozette for your Oppo F3. The cover smartly protects your phone’s body and adds a flip to your screen so that it can resist scratches and damages caused by minor slip-ups.

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Hard Case Cover by Wow Imagine

If you want your phone to look sleek even after wearing a cover, opt for this case. The case is sleek and hard and protects all the edges of your Oppo F3. The matte finish of the cover makes it anti-slip, dustproof, and stain-resistant. The cover can easily be removed and attached to your phone.

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Shockproof Case Cover by Bounceback

Next in line we have a soft and light, but reliable case cover for your Oppo F3. This phone protector has anti-shock corners, good resistance to scratch and fingerprints. It also offers raised bumpers and tactile buttons, so as to ensure you enjoy using your Oppo F3.

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Printed Cover by 7C

Plain or simple back finish is not your choice, then go for this printed case cover by 7C. The printed case cover for Oppo F3 adjusts to your phone easily and adds a grace to your phone. The cover has got a matte finish to it which gives it a nice grip.

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Transparent Back Cover by Spazy Case

Not fond of fancy back covers, you can go with this transparent case for your Oppo F3. The cover protects your phone and let it maintain its originality side by side. The crystal clear cover will add a negligible thickness to your phone but will protect your phone from scratches and bumps.

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Designed Case Cover by Jkobi

This dotted back cover is precisely carved out for your Oppo F3. The dotted design at the back gives you a solid grip over your phone and enhances its looks. The cover protects all the four corners of the phone and the raised lip on the front protects your screen too.

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Tempered Glasses

Though your Oppo F3 comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen, you will still need to use extra protection. These are the Oppo F3 screen protectors you can use:

Tempered Glass by Nzon – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Dvook – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Piggycomz – Buy it from here


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