Android versus iOS has always been a never ending debate. Both sides have their own reasons to claim supremacy over the other and over the years they have both evolved by diligently borrowing whatever works from each other.

Even when they are intimately close in terms of features, there still are a number of features that are still exclusive to Android or to iOS. Today, we will talk about 5 such Android features which Apple is yet to embrace in its iOS.

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Can’t Set Default Apps in iOS

If you ask me which feature will be on top of my iOS 11 wish list, my immediate answer would be an option to change the default apps. It’s been more than 10 years, but Apple is still not in a mood to lose its grip on default apps. Therefore, unlike Android, iOS users can’t set Gmail as their default email client or Chrome as their default browser.

Customization options

The best thing about Android is that it allows its users to customize their screen as per their liking. You can download launchers, icons, and fonts to redesign your home screen as per your personal preferences. On the other hand, Apple users are still very much stuck with unvarying rows and columns of icons.

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Multi-User Mode

Android introduced Multi User Mode with 5.0 Lollipop that allows users to keep separate user and guest profiles on one phone. Just like PCs, Android lets you switch between profiles effortlessly without sharing personal data. Each profile can be secured with a separate PIN, passcode, or fingerprint.

Even though this feature is available in Mac lineup, Apple continues to believe that this isn’t something iPhone users really need.

Smart Unlock

Having adequate layers of security is necessary, however, it can also be a tad inconvenient. Keeping that in mind, Android created ‘smart unlock’. This feature that gives users an option to disables the lock screen when connected to a particular trusted device or when at a particular place or to even register a trusted face / trusted voice.

Apple is still sticking to secure unlock religiously. Let’s see whether Apple introduces a feature similar to Smart Unlock in the next iOS.

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Split Screen Multitasking

As the sizes of phones displays are stretching towards 6-inch and above the Split Screen feature has become more useful than ever. Samsung first introduced this split screen option way back in 2012 with its Galaxy Note 2 and later down the years, in 2016, Google added split screen functionality to Android Nougat.

This is something that we don’t use every day, but every once in a while it does prove to be a veritable a life saver. Now Android users can watch Youtube while keeping an eye on their social media feed from the shared space without switching back and forth.

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Call Recording

Android phones offer tons of features and if something is missing you can always head to Google Play Store to find a third party app that can do that. One such feature is Call Recording.

While some Android smartphones come with call recording feature inbuilt, as a part of default dialer app, others allow you download an app and record your calls without any hassle. Apple, on the other hand, doesn’t allow call recording.

Best Android features that are not on iOS

These are the 6 features which are currently exclusively available on Android. Over the years Apple might have taken some features from Android (and vice versa) they are yet to introduce these basic features in their iOS.


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