ChatGPT’s Android app is getting an edit button

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ChatGPT has become a household name ever since it launched in 2022. Since then, we have seen ChatGPT spread across various iterations as well as web, iOS, and Android clients as well. Having a dedicated app makes it convenient to use, however, a critical feature was absent in ChatGPT mobile apps. I am talking about the ‘Edit Button’ that you must have seen on the web version. However, things are about to change as OpenAI is working on an ‘Edit’ button for Android clients at the time of writing this.

Caught on ChatGPT Android Beta v1.2024.115, the feature makes it convenient for users to iron out any typos while prompting the generative AI to spill out blogs, content strategies, generate reports, and whatnot.

Having an edit button means you don’t have to type or copy-paste the prompt in case of a typo or mistake initially. You can edit the prompts ‘n’ several times and ChatGPT will generate a response based on the prompt entered.

ChatGPT's Android app is getting an edit button

It is great for those who make typos while typing or those who want to elaborate or give angles to their prompts after entering it once. For instance, you could be searching for ‘What Makes A High-Performance Gaming Laptop Worth A Buy?‘. Later, you could edit it as ‘What Makes a High-Performance Intel Gaming Laptop from XYZ Brand Worth a Buy at INR 1,00,000?’, and ChatGPT should be able to fine-tune the answer based on this prompt.

The ‘Edit’ button is already available across the web version as well as the iOS version. It will be good for Android users as well once the feature rolls out during future updates.

Note that OpenAI recently announced free services without creating an account. This is an attempt to keep its stronghold against competitors such as Google Gemini AI which has been making strides with cutting-edge features including responses with live prompts and the ability to summarize PDF files among others. 

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