Live Photos have been a popular iPhone feature that first debuted on iPhone 6s, and since then, several Android OEMs like Samsung and Huawei have integrated something similar in their respective camera apps. Until last year, third party apps weren’t very good at replicating the same on Android smartphones, though.

All that, however, has changed (to an extent, at least). Here are the best apps to shoot GIFs and Live Photos on Android rather efficiently.

Motion Stills

Google’s Motion Stills App, which was first launched for iOS, is one of the best options you have got. The app can record animated videos and ‘fast forward’ time lapse videos and even stabilize them automatically.

You can adjust playback speed, download you shots as GIFs or Videos, and directly share them across different apps and websites. The whole thing works as it should, which is something you can’t say for 99 percent of the apps posing as Live Photo alternatives in the Play Store.



Boomerang is another app that can efficiently shoot instant GIFs using your camera and doesn’t have a shoddy interface (It’s made by Instagram).

You cannot, however, increase the duration of your Live photos or short videos. You can still stabilize your captures and even trim them. It can be used to shoot short GIFs from for both front and rear cameras.



GIF Me is another option that you can use to shoot GIF images on Android. The app has 1:1 aspect ratio option for Instagram, allows you to add filters, edit your GIFs, add stickers, and more.

You can also share your creativity via different social media and messaging apps.


Shooting GIFs and Live Photos on Android

Out of numerous apps that we tested, the best app to shoot Live photos on Android is Google’s Still Motion. There are other apps and separate video sharing social networks that serve as alternatives and have made it to several Live Photos alternatives lists, but in our experience, they are not the same and most of them just don’t work.


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