It may seem old-fashion to send text messages via SMS in the generation of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger. Regardless, text messaging has its own place offering a bunch of services to mobile users. It is SMS which lets users connect with banking and different service providers’ solution like e-commerce updates, receive promotional messages, etc.

Though modern smartphones ship to the user with pre-installed stock Android SMS apps but they mostly serve the bare minimum. There are many SMS apps to enhance the texting experience for Android users. We have here gathered the best text messaging apps you to download.

Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

Messages by Google

It is Google’s official texting app that comes pre-installed with Pixel devices and a few other phones. If your Android phone have some other app, you can enjoy its feature by downloading the app from Play Store and that’s for free. Unlike the core built-in apps, the Messages app allows easy sharing of images, videos, GIFs, and stickers. You can also create groups to have a fun time with friends or connect with colleagues. It also supports Google Assistant and texting from any device.

Download from Google Play Store

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one of the oldest messaging apps serving the mobile world. With each upgrade to the app, it keeps offering new and helpful features. It allows scheduling of SMS, blocklisting, backing up messages, creating signatures, and group messaging. It offers a number of wallpapers, ringtones, vibrate patterns, and notification LED changes.

Download from Google Play Store

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Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS offers a simple yet impressive user interface with a number of customized options. It allows you to create private conversations with password protection. It enables quick replies through its smart suggestion feature. If you are in hurry to find any message, it offers a powerful search to get you there. Preview web links, GIFs, automatic backup, and blacklisting are other features to impress you.

Download from Google Play Store

Textra SMS

Textra SMS can be the perfect alternative for an SMS app for all the Android users out there. It offers schedule, delaying, quick deleting, blocking, and group messaging. There are over 180 design themes, countless GIFs, file compression features, and different screen modes including light, dark, black, and night. Reminders, tones, LED colour, icon shape, and privacy can be easily customised.

Download from Google Play Store

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SMS Organizer

Developed by Microsoft, SMS Organizer is a great tool catering to the needs of a variety of regular tasks not limited to SMS. It provides live train schedules and the status of bookings on trains, flights, and cabs. It also keeps a track of your expenses and provides a passbook of your account. It sends automatic reminders for different kinds of reservations. The app support typing on voice. The best part is that all these features work fine without an internet connection.

Download from Google Play Store

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS offers your a cloud backup for all the message logs on your Android device. This feature lets you worry-free whenever you switch to a different phone. The highlighting features it offers are customized messages, plenty of stickers,  gifs, emojis, group messaging, great themes, and allows texting from any system, anywhere. 

Download from Google Play Store

Tell us in the comment section below which SMS app you use on your Android phone. Also, feel free to suggest some other text messaging app which you think is great.


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