One of the most-anticipated smartphones of 2017, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, is finally out. The device is no less than a power house when it comes to the specs it hold under the hood (Full Details). So if you are planning to own the Galaxy Note 8 device, it would be wise to protect it with some strong and reliable back covers and cases.

Glass or no glass, all phones are susceptible to damage and it’s always wise to protect your investment with a durable cover. To guide you with some of the best case covers, we have compiled a list of cases that will protect your Galaxy Note 8 without making it look hideous. Take a look!

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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Back Cover by Fabucare

The premium smartphone by Samsung comes in a sleek design, so why spoil it with a heavy case cover. This particular Galaxy Note 8 cover is extremely slim and is made of premium material. The case will protect your Note 8 from all the corners parts of the phone from damages and keeps the phone in pristine condition.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Stylish Back Cover by Spigen

You will never miss out on style game with this case cover. This case covers comes in a glittery grey colour variant that gives you the freedom to flaunt your Galaxy Note 8 when you are among your peers. The cover evenly wraps around the edges and sides of the phone protecting it from inadvertent drops, scratches, and bumps.

So, if you have a panache for all that glitters and wants your phone cover to match that persona, go for this glittery case cover.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Transparent Back Cover MTT

The Galaxy Note 8 has got a very lavish look, which you might not want to obscure with some coloured back covers. This exclusively made transparent case cover is crystal clear that allows you to admire the curves of the phone while protecting it side by side. Also, the flexibility and softness of the cover make it easy to install and remove from the phone.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Printed Cover by Swag my Case

Next up, we have a printed case cover for your precious Galaxy Note 8 device. This is going to be a hard shell for your device, made from the rigid plastic material. This covers all the four corners conveniently and protects it from damages, scratches, and bumps. The back of the phone has a matte finish.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Back Cover by K-Moze

This case cover is made from TPU material and has got anti-shock corners that keep your Galaxy Note 8 from the mishaps. The cover adjusts well to the edges, and the back of the phone keeping it completely safe from scratches and dents.

The silicone material of the case makes it durable, dust proof and stain proof. Also, the flexibility in the cover makes it easy to install and remove from the phone.

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6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Flip Cover by Nillkin

Most of the cover mentioned above do protect the phone’s body, but does it also protect the screen? No, it does not, but this cover does. This particular, and exclusively made flip-cover for your Galaxy Note 8 works simultaneously to protect both your phone’s body and screen from scratches and damages caused by inadvertent drops.

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough images of the cover or else we would have told you that whether it is wallet-cum phone cover or not.

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7. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leather Cover by Smartlike

This case rocks on the rigidity and the leathery premium look that it has got on the rear. The case for Galaxy Note 8 reaches out to all four corners of the phone keeping it away from damages, scratches, and bumps caused by the inadvertent drops. The leather finish at the back of the cover gives you an excellent grip. If you like it then protect your Galaxy Note 8 with this cover.

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8. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Transparent Cover by QualStuff

This is a crystal clear case cover by Gpel for your Galaxy Note 8, which means that the cover will do its duty without changing the phones looks.

Talking about the cover, there is always a thin noticeable line between the cover and the screen of the phone, but with this cover, it is highly visible. The cover has a clear back look while the sides and marked and extra-protective edges. There is also a hump in the back camera, which will keep the camera safe.

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9. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Back Cover by Carefone

This cover for the Galaxy Note 8 is made from the poly carbonate material, which ensures that your phone is protected at all times. The cover adjusts well on to the edges of the phone, protecting it from minor accidents. The cover is extremely durable and shatterproof.

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10. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Designer Case by MTT

Lastly, we have a designer case cover for the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. The cover has got a rubberized finish that gives you a better grip, avoiding slip-ups, and also protects the phone from minor damages. The back of the cover has got the design, which will allow you t flaunt your expensive smartphone, confidently.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tempered Glasses

The Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch ‘Infinity Display’ which is almost bezels free, and a Gorilla Glass 5 on top. Though the glass won’t shatter easily, it will still be prone to scratches and dust. So, we will advise you to protect it with a good tempered glass.

To keep Samsung Galaxy Note 8 display away from scratches you can consider these tempered glass protectors:

Tempered Glass by Blue Armor – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Zynk Case – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Johra – Buy it from here

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Back Covers, Cases, Flip Covers, and Tempered Glasses

So, these are the best cases and covers that you can buy for your Galaxy Note 8 as of now, depending on your individual taste and preferences. We would advise you to choose a case that protects your phone while still doing justice to the phones premium look and feel.


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