Best earphones under Rs. 1,000

Buying the best budget in-earphone is a tough task and it becomes even more difficult when your budget is limited to Rs. 1,000. Things get further complicated considering that different buyers have different preferences. Some need good bass, some prefer good audio balance, while others enjoy loudness. To address such needs we have compiled a list of all best online priced earphones under Rs. 1,000.

Top 10 In-ear Headphones That You Can Buy Under Rs. 1,000:

1. Brainwavz Omega In-Ear Earbuds 

The Brainwavz Omega is a value for money in-ear headphones for those who have a budget up to Rs. 1,000. It is mainly made of plastic and metal while the cable remains tangle free. In-ear form tips are comfortable. If you enjoy bass-dominated music than you can’t go wrong with the Brainwavz Omega.This earphone is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Brainwavz Omega lowest price


This earphone from the California based manufacturer seems to be inspired from the Xiaomi Pistons in-ear headphones. The 1More- Piston Fit sound buds are made of aluminum alloy and the cable is coved with Kevlar Fiber to give them a premium look and strength to withstand daily torcher.

In terms of sound, it manages to offer a good mix of bass, mids, and highs. Possibly, soundstage could have been a lot better. It comes in Deep Space Grey, Clear Lake Blue, Galaxy Silver and Rose Pink hues.

1More Piston best price in India


The Sennheiser CX 180 is one of the highest selling offerings from the German Audio equipment manufacturer in India. The budget earphones don’t have the best-built quality but their sound is what makes them worthy enough to feature in this list.

This Sennheiser CX 180 tends to favor bass which is certainly what most of the users in this category wants. Having said that, the bass is not refined and tends to suppress other details. The headphone mids and highs are subdued.

Sennheiser CX 180 lowest price in India

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The Japanese giants RP HJE190 is another strong contender in budget earphone range. It is designed to suit your comfort and Pansonic is calling its design it Ergofit.

When it comes to sound, the Panasonic RP HJE190 offers good bass. Vocals and soundstage are also better than most budget offerings. It comes 4 stunning color options red, black, white or violet.

Panasonic RP HJE190 best price in India

5. Sony MDR-EX150

The Sony MDR-EX150 also manages to feature on our list of best earphones under Rs. 1000. It has a simple and elegant design which appeals to the eye. It comes with a frequency range of 5-24,000Hz, with a sensitivity of 103dB and impedance of 16 Ohm.

What’s really impressive in the Sony MDR-EX150 is the all-around experience that it delivers. It offers decent bass with good clarity of audio and no distortion at high volumes.

Sony MDR EX150 lowest price in India

6. JBL C100ASI

If you have used a JBL headphones in the past, in that case, it very likely that you will stick with the popular audio accessories and speaker maker. The JBL C100SI best budget option under Rs. 1,000 budget. The 9mm in-earphone delivers very good bass and well-balanced audio. There is no distortion at high volumes and inbuilt mic further makes it a sweet deal.

JBL Dynamic C100ASI best price in India

7. Audio Technica- ATH-COR150

Audio Technica is known for making its studio monitor headphones but it has its presence in the budget category too. From its product portfolio, the ATH-COR150 fits in this budget range which offers decent audio quality for its price.

It is suitable for listening to music, videos, and gaming as the audio output is clean. It offers good enough bass for most listeners and you can easily make out the mids and lows. Having said that, there is a slight distortion of sound at higher volume levels.

Audio-Technica ATH-COR150RD Core Bass In-Ear Headphones best price in India

8. BoAt BassHeads 220

Indian headphone maker boAt also makes the cut with its BassHeads 220 which is certainly most pocket-friendly earphones in the list. It comes with a flat tangle-free wire and average in-ear fit. It comes with 10mm drivers which offer a lot of bass and sound staging is not that impressive. The earphone also features an inbuilt mic and music play/pause shortcut keys.

boAt BassHeads 220 Wired Headset lowest price in India

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9. Skullcandy S2DUL-J846

The Skullcandy S2DUL-J846 is one of the popular earphones that are available in this budget. It manages to strike a good balance between quality and price. The Skullcandy S2DUL-J846 has a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz and a 10mm driver which ensures good audio experience.

Skullcandy S2DUL J846 best price In India

10. OnePlus Bullets (V2)

OnePlus Bullets (V2) is listed at the end mainly because they are slightly over the budget. Still, if you can afford to shell out two hundred more or you can manage to muster a OnePlus store coupon that company keeps doling out, you will find OnePlus bullets (V2) to be kickass budget earphones. They offer good level of bass. Highs and Mids are also well balanced. For Rs. 1,199 OnePlus Bullets (V2) is a worthy buy.

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