Gamers are eagerly waiting for the next-generation gaming console from Sony, dubbed as the PlayStation 5. The release date is yet to be finalized, but thanks to a leak we got a preview of the specifications of alleged PlayStation 5 ahead of official release. Its biggest highlight is going to be the custom-made AMD Zen chipset.

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The leak comes from SemiAccurate who in the past successfully confirmed the specifications of the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, prior to their respective launch dates.

Sony PlayStation 5 Launch Date

The odds are that the PS 5 will see the light of the day by late 2018 or early 2019, depending on the circumstances. This was confirmed by the same source.

Sony PlayStation 5 Specifications (Expected)

As per the rumors, the PS 5 will have an AMD manufactured Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with octa-core Zen CPU. The chipset will reportedly hold some benefits for Virtual Reality in PS 5, making it easier to develop games for the platform.

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However, the new architecture on the PS 5 will only bring an incremental upgrade to its predecessor, PlayStation 4 and 4 Pro. Sony will definitely try to make the new PS more powerful and add some unique features to set it apart, but we can’t say much about that right now. Further, the console will have support for 4K gaming with 60fps and HDR compatibility.

Since the Zen architecture is compatible with its predecessor, backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games is quite likely.

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