It’s a common Android issue wherein the screen doesn’t turn on or wake up with incoming calls. The phone still keeps ringing but to check who’s calling, you will have to unlock the phone, open the dialer app and then go to the ongoing call. (हिंदी में पढ़े)

We have noticed this issue on some phones before. A simple Google search reveals that a few of the previous generation Android phones have had the issue, especially the Android One models.

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Solved: Screen not turning on with incoming calls

Method 1

Step 1: Go to Dialer or Phone app settings. To do so, you can either go to main settings, then open ‘Apps’, and then scroll down to Dialer or Phone App.

To access the App Info page, you may long press the App icon, and then tap the App info option or the small ‘i’ label in the corner.

Step 2: Now select the “App notifications” option.

Step 3: Now if App notifications are turned off, your display won’t wake up when someone calls you. Also if only the “Incoming calls” permission is off, your screen will not light up with incoming calls.

Step 4: Now tap on incoming calls and change the priority to urgent (Make sound and pop on screen)

Make sure the required permissions are turned on and your issue will be fixed.

On Android Nougat-based phones, the option is listed as Phone under permissions as is shown in the image below.

The options may differ based on a particular custom UI on your phone. But all you need to do is go to the App info page of the ‘Phone’ app and grant it the necessary notification permissions. You probably denied the permission when first prompted and perhaps that’s the reason why you are facing the issue.

Method 2: (For Android Pie-based Phones)

If you have Android 9.0 Pie-based software on your phone, you can follow these steps (Courtesy of our reader Charlie)

Step 1: Go to App Info of the Phone Dialer app and tap on Notifications.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Incoming Calls’ option and then on behavior.

Tap on ‘incoming calls’

Step 3: Now tap on ‘Behaviour’.

Tap on ‘Behavior’

Step 4: Ensure that the notification priority is set to urgent or “Make sound and pop up”.

Tap on: ‘Make sound and pop-up on screen’

Method 3: (For Android 10-based phones)

Most Android 10 phones that we have tested have the proper notification option locked by default. If your Android 10 phone is facing the issue, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to the App Info page of the Dialer app (either from Settings>> app or long-press the app icon)

Step 2: Tap on ‘Notifications’, and then on ‘Incoming calls’.

Step 3: Ensure that your incoming calls are marked as Important and urgent.

Method 4: (For Android 11-based phones)

There isn’t a whole lot different to do here. You just have to go to the App Info section of the Phone/Dialer app. Press the app icon and click on the (i) icon for that.

Thereafter click on Notifications and ensure All Phone Notifications are turned on. Then, press on the Incoming Calls option and turn on ‘Override Do Not Disturb’ and other options as shown in the screenshots above.

Next up, go to the Apps and Notifications option in the main device Settings, and then press on the Advanced option> Special App Access option> Display Over Other Apps, and ensure Phone is Allowed. That’s all.

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Let us know in the comments which of the aforementioned methods did the trick for you. Besides these methods, sometimes, a simple reboot of the device, or clearing the cache, data, and app preferences can solve any minor issues. Unfortunately, if you’re still facing any issues related to the incoming calls or any other smartphone-related query, let us know down in the comments.


  1. After reading and trying several remedies, I just restarted my phone and it worked. I got a popup for an incoming call. I have Truecaller.

  2. Thanks very much for this info . Seems to be working again now, Moto E6 plus, Android 9. so used method two. Must say though had trouble to start with finding ” phone dialer app” on the phone .
    Thanks again , David

  3. Good morning,

    Thanks alot, after I have done the solution provide above, my phone still encouter the same issue. please what is the way out.

  4. i have bought a vivo x70 pro plus and i am facing the issue of late waking up of incoming and outgoing calls . nothing seems to work as i have tried all the methods . If anybody has any solution please help or i think i will have to switch from and android to OS .

  5. Hi all, I have Xiaomi Mi10 T. When I am on Wifi, The incoming call an number is displayed immediately, but when I am mobile data, the phone is ringing, vibration and ringtone is on, but I have a blackscreen during 15 seconds (and no number is displayed). After 15 seconds I see caller name or number.. I have read everything on internet about this issue, checked all possible options and triad all resets, uninstalls and other b..shit but no success! because of Wifi/mobile data nuance, I think that it is a problem if Google checking the numbers in spam list. And when phone is on Wifi – internet is available, and during GSM call the data is not (limited) available and this checking is not performed (late).. How do you think? And what might be solution? Thanks.

  6. None of these work for and since the solutions offered are fairly basic I’m not surprised. My suspicion is that my problems are caused by the software that comes with cheap Chinese smartwatches as I did not have a problem before the software was installed, but unfortunately uninstalling it has not helped either. I have tried contacting support for the watches/software but they do not seem to understand why anyone would want notifications on the phone rather than the watch.

  7. Hi Sweetness. On my Samsung A11, the app notifications show only two categories missed calls and voice mail.
    And they’re greyed out.
    The only switch you can use is App icon badgex

  8. What can I do? My phone is not revealing the information on incoming calls but how do I correct this. The above information is not working for me

  9. the incoming calls/outgoing calls notification categories are not highlighted to be enabled or disabled. And at the bottom says ‘ 1category deleted’

    Please assist

  10. I am using TECNO P703 and I am experiencing the same problem where incoming calls are not waking my screen and I have to unlock then to dialer to see who is calling and answer the call. But when I go to notifications on phone as explained in the article above it is not responding switching on for incoming calls and outgoing calls. In other words the incoming calls/outgoing calls notification categories are not highlighted to be enabled or disabled. And at the bottom says ‘2 categories deleted’.

    It’s been a week now and it’s not good at all, sometimes I even missed calls.

    Please assist me accordingly.

  11. A11 is having this issue and none of these methods are even possible on this phone.

    Honestly though, best fix for A11 is to just not own one. Worst phone I have ever owned.

  12. Hi , Am purchased Panasonic Tab 8 , 2 months back. But right now it display won’t switched on. am tring to find the service center but no more in my circle. if any possible solution is have pls share to

  13. Have opened phone app and able to see incoming callls off. When i click it it is gone to next screen but says “android is blocking this category of notifications from appearing on this device”.

  14. How is the above issue related to the fact that the display does not turn on during calls, or even about 30 seconds when they ended?

  15. My itelA16 is not displaying incoming calls on the scren. It only show on the top of the scren and i want it to display all over the scren as it usually do.

    • I got the same problem on my mum’s phone. I tried everything and the one thing that isn’t mentioned here is “Clear Cache and Clear Data” from the phone app “storage” screen.

      When nothing worked this did. Hope this works for you too. 🙂

      • if I clear data, what all data will be lost?

        my problem of incoming calls ringing, but not displaying on the screen is intermittent. whenever this problem occurs, i switch power off and then on, and the problem is solved. but after some time, it again does the same thing. it is a nuisance to switch off and switch on frequently. is there any permanent solution?

        i have ensured that incoming call notification is ON. Also, under BEHAVIOUR, I HAVE CHOSEN make sound and pop up on screen. still this intermittent problem is not solved. can anyone help?

      • Clearing the data on my Motorola worked for me. I just long pressed the phone app, tapped app info, tapped storage, then tappec clear data. It worked. Thank you so much for your help.

      • Thanks for sharing this. I tried every other thing and it did not work, just when I was about giving up, I tried your suggestion on clearing the CACHE/DATA and the phone came back to life !

  16. I have tried all kinds of things for my Moto phone but none worked. Anyway, the only thing that works for me is the removal of casing that somehow affects the Proximity Sensor. Now it works as before!

  17. Thanks for the help, your directions (method #2) worked for me. Suggestion for the website: move the comments box (or a link) to the top of the comments list. I didn’t find it at first and simply replied to a prior posting. Would have been nice it have a more direct comment link. Thanks for the fix again.

  18. we have 5 moto x4 phones (new) and both mine and my husband’s started doing this. Google Fi even sent a replacement phone after we did a factory reset on his. And guess what, the “new” phone does the same thing. Mine won’t even show it at all, even if the phone is awake for the call. There’s NOWHERE to accept or decline. I’m about to throw away my phone but we aren’t done paying for them yet.

  19. Please my phone is infinix S5 lite,and the issue is that when a call is coming in,the screen will wake up,but once I pick it up it’ll go off and It won’t turn on even after pressing the power button,in that I won’t be able to drop my call, because it won’t come up. please help me

  20. I have tried all the steps but is unfortunate that the problem of incoming calls is still the same on my phone. Please help me out. My phone is Techno 703 tablet.

  21. I have tried all the steps but is unfortunate for me that my incoming calls still remain the same. Please , help me out. My phone is Techno P703 table.

    • I got the same problem on my mum’s phone. I tried everything and the one thing that isn’t mentioned here is “Clear Cache and Clear Data” from the phone app “storage” screen.

      When nothing worked this did. Hope this works for you too. 🙂

  22. I have a moto z 2play. I tried all of the above fixes. Screen still goes to black after I pick up an incoming call so that I cam neither turn on the speaker nor end the call! Help please!!! Thank you.

  23. Moto Z 2 Play. Did everything suggested. Screen still goes to black as soon as I pick up a call, and I can’t get it to light up during the call. Therefore I can never turn on the speaker, nor can I end any call!!! Help please? Thank you!

    • I’ve done everything like this. But the problem is my phone shows every incoming calls as ‘unknown’ (doesn’t show any number just says ‘unknown’) though I’ve caller number saved.

    • I got the same problem on my mum’s phone. I tried everything and the one thing that isn’t mentioned here is “Clear Cache and Clear Data” from the phone app “storage” screen.

      When nothing worked this did. Hope this works for you too. 🙂

  24. Hello, I evidently have the method 2 option above on my brand new Moto g7. But, when I click on the ‘behavior’ on incoming calls, everything is grayed out except for “on lock screen show all notification content’. All the other ‘phone’ notifications settings can be changed. I read all the comments above and all my settings seem to be correct. My screen however is still black when an incoming call comes in. I believe this may only be for calls which are not in my contacts list. I do have fingerprint lock screen, as referenced above in a comment. Can you please help? Thank you!!!

  25. Hi, I have recently bought a One Plus 7T. I am facing the problem that the Incoming Call Notification is disabled to Others and I am not able to change it to Important. The Settings are disabled and I am not able to Change it. Whenever a new Call comes, I can only see the Call In the Notification Banner. Even if Locked or Unlocked, it is always there in the Notification Banner.

  26. Thank you very much. My life is back on track.
    First method worked on my Moto G5. But why the fork did it reset itself to not display the incoming caller in the first place ? Am on Android 8.1.0.

  27. Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks However I’m experiencing concern with ur rss . Don抰 know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting an identical rss downside? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  28. Thank you so much dear. I am very happy with this trick. I solved out my problem with your help. Thank you so much again 🙏🙏🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  29. Be careful with this, as it only applies to a select few android phones….
    I have an LG Android model LML413dL, and there is no way to set it to wake up when a call comes in. If you have this, or any number of older Android devices, this tutorial is not correct, and none of the options presented here exist on you phones. So, disregard this as it is only for the newer, more expensive Android phones!!

  30. Am using Tecno camon 11 and have tried all these procedure but but the problem isn’t fixed yet. What other alternative can i use?

  31. I have a mi A3 and everything is setup correctly as per your article and still the phone dialer doesn’t pop up when call comes in.

  32. Hello sir,
    I am using Infinix Hot 8 Android 9.0 Pi based. Everybody who calls me get a busy signal and my phone does not ring and I just get a missed call. I have tried all the settings in my phone, even I also re-set my phones all settings. Still not able to resolve the issue. Please do help me to resolve this issue.

  33. Please it’s still showing and my phone doesn’t have notification cartegory or behavior please help me am using TECNO SPARK 3

  34. Please my infinix hot7 will just be ringing without pop up calls, I have tried all sent via here but not working. Please what can I do?

  35. Thanks for your simple and effective solution to this issue. The 2nd method worked in my Mi A1 with Android 9.0 The strange thing is that after 2 months the call screed had once again stopped to appear, and I had to follow the same steps again to solve the issue – is this some kind of “default” setting that comes back after, for example an upgrade? Thanks anyway!

  36. Sir I have used Doogee S70 mobile I faced this same problem my phone was ringing but incoming calls are not displayed….! Pls suggest me how can I solve pls sir.
    Thanking you

  37. hello sir,

    I am using Samsung j7 max. Facing the same problem” display not waking up with incoming calls”. Can you please help me to solve this issue. many thanks in advance because I am sure you will definitely help me to solve my issue.

  38. sir,
    I have oppo f7 the, same problem, screen does not turn on when incoming call or oughtgoing call , i am facing at past 1 month palese help me to resolve this problem.
    i tried a lot by your pattern but i couldn’t solve it.
    If you have any other trick then plese help me.

  39. I had the same problem with my phone – no incoming calls were displaying or readily answerable. Following your steps led me to the correct phone system entry to fix the problem. Thanks for clear and direct steps to follow. I am excited that now I can pick up incoming phone calls now.

  40. On my spark 3, I found out that when I dial number immediately the backlight goes off and I am unable to view anything on the screen till I end the call with the on/off button by the side

    • Have a NOKIA 8.1 purchased a month back.This problem has started a few days back.Was not there initially.Tried the solutions given above.Did not work.The problem is both with incoming as well as outgoing calls.

  41. Commen

    t:my phone is hot 7 i ve try all the steps yet caller’s details still not show while phone screen is on only and still be ringing.

  42. Comment: my phone is hot 7. I ve try all the steps yet caller’s details still not show when screen si on while phone will still be ringing.

  43. My phone is infinix hot7
    I’ve tried all what you instructed here but not working
    Pls help me out, calls are not displaying

  44. Comment:surely I appreciate your instructions my phone behaved same way,i mean incoming call you can’t receive but now following your instructions am ok comfortable.thank you once again

  45. Comment:my tecno spark3 stop showing incoming calls on the screen how do i do it
    And my infinix hot 7 also stop
    please help me i need to answer call abeg

    • Simeon have you had a solution on ur spark 3? If yes pls can you help me, am facing thesame problem n is very fraustrating

  46. Thanks much.. I struggle with this problem quite often but not getting how the settings get changed.. may be because of some updates..
    It is resolved now.

  47. Hi there, It worked here as well. Still, is a WORKAROUND, its not supposed to accept/reject calls through notification window. Android next release need to fix this asap.

  48. I have tried all the steps given, but still the incoming calls are not turned on especially when i am in another program, the phone just keeps ringing but does not display the caller’s details, please help. Infinix Hot 7

  49. I am using infinix Hot 7, and I followed all the procedures, but Yet the problem if not displaying the incoming calls persist.
    I bought it two weeks ago.
    What can I do?

  50. Many thanks…I faced this issue with my Mi A1 for almost a month, tried almost everything, asked some supposed experts, reset to factory settings and still my call screen remained black when I received a call…until I read your solutions, notably the 2nd one! THANKS A LOT!

  51. THANK YOU !!!! The “behavior” tab was all the issue I had for the past 3+ months !!!!!! I´m happy again with my Xiaomi

  52. Hello all,

    I was searching the internet for hours and even spoke to SAMSUNG tech support and no one was able to give me an answer so I had to do it the old fashion way and check every individual setting ad sub folder until I found it, and here’s what I figured out:

    If you have a Samsung J7 V (which I don’t recommend ), you recently had the phone system update to ANDROID 9.0 and your screen stays black even though you are receiving a call try the following:

    1) Go into SETTINGS
    2) Go into NOTIFICATIONS
    3) While in NOTIFICATIONS click on DO NOT DISTURB
    5) TURN OFF “HIDE FULL SCREEN NOTIFICATIONS”, while your phone is locked and the screen is off a call will wake the phone and you will see the full screen called id with

    You can try the other features on this page but I have everything OFF and now my phone is back to the way it originally was. No idea why these would be buried in the DO NOT DISTURB SETTINGS it should be front and center in at least NOTIFICATIONS or DISPLAY SETTINGS…at least I got it to work

    Hope this works for you!

      • Pls Deepak Singh help me on my Tecno spark 3, have tried all the methods above but still my caller ID does not appear especially when am busy with other apps.

        • Hi, I don’t have the Spark 3 with me, but I do have the Tecno Phantom 9, which hopefully has the same UI. Go to App info page, tap on notifications, then tap on incoming calls (even if you see the option ticked) and then set “Behaviour
          ” as “make sound and pop on screen”. Also, ensure that “display over other apps” option on the main App info page is set to “Allowed”. If you have any issue locating these options let me know.

          • Thanks Dee for replying but have done all those to no avail.I don’t have the option for display incoming calls over other apps, only for message. I took it to a repairer and he told me is just the nature of the phone and that I need to format it cos there are so many things in it but I have not used up to half of my given space. Can this be true?

          • It only happens when am busy with other apps and every other user of spark 3 has thesame problem. I think is an originated problem from the company. They should fix the problem in their next update. Very faustrating

        • If you use tecno spark 3,
          go to settings– apps&notification– see all apps– click d 3dots on d upper right hand– reset app prefences. And that’s all😎… Try call your fone and you’ll see incoming call will pop up on d screen.

    • Thank you for this !!! I have a Galaxy A10 and this worked !! followed to the step and everything was sorted afterwards ! turned do not disturb off and still works !! thanks again !!

      • I also have a Samsung a10
        Same problem

        Have to unlock
        Scroll down the notifications
        Then can I tap to answer

        How did you fix yours

  53. sometimes its very irritiating when we wakeup and watch the full phone-history.I really like this post. its very helpful.keep posting.

  54. Hello, sir I followed your step, it’s works. Thank you for your m1a1 incoming call waking up issue solved.

  55. Hi,
    Thank you so much Sir. I had taken the phone to the MI service center, and they told me that, I have to get the Lcd & touch combo replaced. However I denied it and followed your suggestion. Its a fantastic fix and saved me a lot of money and time.
    Once again, thanks a lot. God bless you.

  56. Thanks for the post. ALTERNATE FIX: I noticed that if your Android v9 is set to “Do Not Disturb” then the above description will not work. You need to turn off Do Not Disturb for this to work since it overrides all other settings. To do this, 1) press the up or down volume button, 2) press the gear 3) Under “Do Not Disturb” make sure it is set to Off.

  57. HI Deepak,

    I have purchased a Samsung M40 and its facing same problem but the issue is not resolved as the setting are not as shown in your blog. Can you please Help??

    • In Samsung’s One UI, the phone app notifications are already set to high priority. You will see the options shown above for other apps like messages. Ensure that you are on the latest software, and also that you are using the default system app as your dialer (It’s possible that truecaller or some other dialer app has been accidentally set as default)

  58. after applying this idea i can say that this post is very helpful for many smartphone users. Thank you for sharing..keep it up..

  59. First Method works for me, i suggest all to follow all the steps describe. If you only follow first or second step then it not work. so follow all four steps.

  60. Dear Sri Deepak Singh,

  61. Thanks brother,, I was frustrated , and was going to reset my phone , but last time I suggest to ask Google assistant ,then she showed this website and it worked ,, naw feels relaxed…. Thanks man…♥️

  62. I got my phone fixed thanks to you I’ve struggled with it I use my phone for Drs,appts and family so it has to light up your method worked thank you so much

    • If you use tecno spark 3,
      go to settings– apps&notification– see all apps– click d 3dots on d upper right hand– reset app prefences. And that’s all😎… Try call your fone and you’ll see incoming call will pop up on d screen.

  63. Hi I’m using a Moto g6 phone and I’m still unable to rectify it can someone help me with the same please

    • i have the same problem with my infinix hot 7 too, have you solved yours. if yes, kindly tell me how you went about it please

  64. Hi, I have Galaxy S10 which runs of Android Pie. version 9.0. However, as I followed Method 2 > Step 2, I didn’t see ‘Incoming Calls’ in Category. I only see ‘Missed calls’ and ‘Voice mails’. How can I enable to see ‘Incoming calls’ on Method 2 > Step 2?

    P.S. – The problem is my phone is ‘FingerPrint’ locked and upon incoming calls, the phone doesn’t automatically shows the caller id with ‘receive’ / ‘reject’ option. the first screen comes up is the ‘unlock’ screen asking for ‘FingerPrint’. So I can’t see who is calling at a glance unless I unlock it. It’s annoying when I am busy.
    Anyway, how to resolve this problem?

  65. Thanks a ton, this was very helpful. I was struggling with my newly bought phone, Asus Max Pro M2, solved it after reading your blog.

  66. I am not receiving information on my incoming calls
    Phone shows calls are turned on
    I am still not receiving anything on phone screen
    What shall I do?

  67. My infinity hot s3 mobile screen lock time call come but not take call .not lock screen no problem call come simply attending call why this problem are come


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