8 Repurposing Hacks for Your Outdated Android Phone (Includes Security Camera & Dashcam!)

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If you are upgrading to a new Android phone and wondering what to do with your old one, you are in the right place. Instead of letting it collect dust, consider repurposing it in creative ways to extend its usefulness. Yes, your old Android phone can be repurposed for many different tasks. Here are eight innovative ideas to breathe new life into your old Android device.

1. Multi-Purpose Camera

There are a surprising number of ways to put your old phone’s cameras to good use. Apps like Alfred turn your phone into a home security camera, complete with motion detection and live streaming. With Droid Dashcam, you can transform it into a dash cam for your car, capturing footage with GPS location data.

Personally, I would use my old Android smartphone as a webcam for my laptop. There are a ton of apps that can help me with that including the Link to Windows app that now natively supports using your phone as a webcam. Simply connect your phone to your PC using the Link to Windows app and you’re good to go.

2. Entertainment On The Go

Instead of lugging around a separate MP3 player, your old phone can become your dedicated music device. Load it up with your favorite tunes and podcasts, and pair it with wireless headphones for frustration-free listening. 

Sure, managing all your tracks locally on your Android can get a bit daunting. But don’t worry, and we have third-party offline music players to the rescue. Some of my favorite offline music players are Oto Music and Musicolet Music Player.

If you’re not into offline music playback or storing music on your phone’s internal storage, you can still use apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. These apps also allow you to download and stream songs offline, but you may need a subscription for that.


3. Your Personal Assistant 

Convert your old phone into a smart assistant for your home. Download a digital assistant app like Google Assistant (this is typically already installed on most Android phones) and position your phone on a dock for easy access. You can use voice commands to control smart home devices, get weather updates, or play music. A clever yet easy way to repurpose your old Android smartphone.

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4. Two-Factor Authentication Device 

Although not my favorite thing to do with a spare Android phone, you can transform your old Android phone into a dedicated 2-factor authentication (2FA) device. 2FA adds an extra layer of security to your online accounts by requiring a second verification code in addition to your password. 

Popular 2FA apps like Google Authenticator and Authy work flawlessly on older phones, or even newer phones for that matter. These apps can even sync your data online. If you want something offline, you can store the backup codes of your accounts locally on the spare device.

google authenticator 2fa

5. E-Reader On The Go

If you’re an avid reader, your old phone can be your new favorite e-reader. Download an e-reader app like Kindle or Moon+ Reader, and load up your favorite ebooks. You can also download documents and PDFs and save them locally if you don’t want to keep the spare phone connected to the internet.

Although your phone’s screen might not be larger than most dedicated e-readers, it can definitely come in handy on the go. For a comfortable reading experience, you can turn on the “Reading Mode” or set your display tone to the warmer side. 


6. Your New Wireless Mouse / Keyboard 

One simple app can make your Android phone a wireless mouse and a keyboard for your PC. This way, you can use your Android phone to control your PC wirelessly when you don’t have a physical mouse and keyboard or are just looking for a convenient alternative. 

My personal favorite app for this purpose is PC Remote, which connects to your PC via Bluetooth, Local/Remote Wi-Fi, hotspot, or even USB tethering. Not only can you use your phone as a mouse/touchpad for your PC, but also a keyboard, a game controller, and a virtual display for your PC. And the best part? You can transfer files seamlessly to and from your PC.

use phone as a game controller

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7. Universal Remote 

If your phone has an IR blaster (look it up on your manufacturer’s website), you can repurpose it as a universal remote. Since your phone has an IR blaster, you should have a pre-installed system app for controlling your home appliances and IoT devices. 

If your phone doesn’t have this app, you can try third-party apps like Lean Remote or Universal Remote Control. These apps allow you to control various devices such as TVs, air conditioners, and set-top boxes, turning your old phone into a versatile universal remote.

ir remote

8. Turn it into a Retro Relic

Gamers rejoice! With a bit of tinkering and the installation of a custom ROM, you can repurpose your old Android phone into a retro gaming console. 

Custom ROMs like LineageOS are lightweight and, hence, free up space and processing power, allowing you to emulate classic consoles like the PlayStation 1 and Sega Genesis. Not all Android phones may support custom ROMs, so be sure to check that before you get too excited.

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Bottom Line 

Don’t let your old Android phone go to waste when you upgrade to a new device. There are plenty of creative ways to repurpose it and extend its usefulness. Whether you turn it into a multi-purpose camera, a dedicated music player, a personal assistant, a 2FA device, an e-reader, a wireless mouse/keyboard for your PC, a universal remote, or a retro gaming console, your old phone still has a lot to offer. Do you have any other creative ways to repurpose your old Android phone? Share your creativity in the comments section below. 

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