Ultimate Valorant Guide: Valorant Tips, Tricks & Strategies for All Ranks (2024)

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Valorant was launched in 2020 in a PC version and has become one of the biggest first-person shooter games. Many newcomers try their hand at the game and falter.

At this point, they need a guide to help them understand the game better. Moreover, if you are an advanced level player, you must tone your skills to climb up in the game.

Today’s write-up focuses on tips and tricks for beginners and advanced players that help them improve their game.

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General Tips to Get Better at Valorant Gameplay

These tips work for beginners, average gamers, and advanced-level players.

  1. Aiming is one of the most critical aspects of Valorant gameplay. Although it is not difficult to learn aiming, mastering it requires knowing how to use abilities and where your enemies could be headed. As you climb higher, game sense and ability usage will take priority.
    • The aiming style depends on player to player. It would be best if you chose the aiming style that suits you best. You can either be fast and snappy or slow and steady; neither aiming style is wrong. However, there are certain things one can do to develop your aiming style-
  • The crosshair should make you feel comfortable. It can neither be too big nor too small. You can turn on firing and movement errors to train one’s movement and recoil control. The crosshair should be visible on every map and not blend into the environment.
    • Aim trainers should be used to improve one’s reaction time, which is crucial when hitting the first shot. Aim trainers like Aim Labs or Valorant’s Range help practice techniques like snapping, tracking, and placement.
    • Target switching helps when you encounter two enemies at once. It also helps you engage multiple enemies at once and prioritize which one to tackle to gain an advantage.
  • A crosshair should be placed at the head level of each enemy to ensure easy headshots without having to readjust repeatedly.
    • Starfing and Counterstrafing help you dodge enemies’ shots. This skill can be developed with consistent practice over time.

3. The FPS should be Maximum. For the best gameplay experience, the FPS should be kept to 60 or above. A resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is enough, and 4k should be avoided as it leads to lags or hang-ups in the middle of gunfights.

4. Choosing the best-suited keyboard and mouse is very important, especially for beginners. The best combination of these two accessories helps aim and counter strafe better. Mechanical and Gaming keyboards should be opted for. In terms of mouse, a DPI changing and four or 5-button mouse would be better than a classic 3-button mouse.

5. Warming up is very important before playing any game. Similarly, before playing Volrant, play a couple of death matches to get warmed up for the actual battle. These deathmatches will awaken one’s reflexes and train them about how to play the game.

6. Practice is the key to mastering any skill in the world. The same goes for Valorant gameplay. The more you practice, the better you will get at this game. Practice is essential for beginners as well as advanced-level players.

7. Take risks always; it will help you explore challenging situations and sharpen your gaming skills.

8. Sensitivity settings should be kept to moderate. High sensitivity can prevent one from tapping heads.

 Tips to get better at Valorant Gameplay for Beginners

These are some basics that will help beginners to understand the game better:

  1. Knowing the 22 agents and their abilities, roles, and collision size is essential. Beginners should start with agents like Phoenix or Sova and play modes like Team DeathMatch or SwiftPlay to learn the abilities of agents properly. After you get familiar with an agent, you can enter battle mode with it.
  2. It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of all the weapons. Valorant has five sidearms and 12 primary weapons. Every weapon allows you to have your own flexibility. Guns have their own bullet speed, accuracy, and damage. Similarly, every weapon has its pros and cons. One has to decide which weapon suits him/her best. Also, one should know when to switch between his/her sidearm and primary weapon.
  3. Use Text Chat and Voice to communicate with your team during the gameplay. Any multiplayer game needs good communication between team members to beat their opponent. Valorant allows voice and text communication. Decide which mode suits you best and use it to communicate with your teammates during the game.
  4. Learning the maps is very important in Valorant. There are various gameplay styles or mechanics as well. Learning the callout places will make it easier for you to point out enemy locations. You must also learn hiding spots, firing spots, map strategies, and more to get better at the game.
  5. Use the practice range to learn ways to shoot, control your spray and movements, take a spike to defuse course, and more. It is also where you can practice the agents you do not have unlocked. Thirty minutes of practice before entering a battle will prepare you for future challenges.
  6. Utilities in the game should be used wisely. Understand the utilities while you are in practice range or deathmatch. Every agent has a different skill to help you win games, so know each of them thoroughly. Utilities are different according to the chosen role but are limited, so spare them while playing the game.
  7. Movement is crucial during gameplay. Keep moving and switching positions during the battle. If you encounter enemy(ies), don’t hesitate to move away quickly. Switching positions frequently saves you from enemy attacks. A moving target is hard to shoot. Crouch when needed and use the ropes when situations demand it. Once your location is revealed, work ahead by keeping the enemy intel in mind.
  8. Just like a good keyboard and mouse, having good headphones is important as well. Get headphones that have a good-quality surround sound experience, as this helps you identify footsteps and utility sounds more clearly. Audio settings should be tuned to give maximum benefit.

Tips to get better at Valorant Gameplay for Advanced Players

If you are an advanced player of Valorant, you can improve by following the given tricks:

  1. Make more use of muscle memory. Crosshair placement is a trick that helps you learn muscle memory. Reflex and reaction time are important aspects of muscle memory that help advanced players become pros.
  2. Valorant should be played economically. In every round, you have to spend credits on weapons and abilities. It sounds simple but involves meticulous planning and wise use of the resources. Every half of the game starts with 800 credits, and you can earn a maximum of 9000 credits. There are various ways to earn credits, but they should be spent judiciously.
  3. Valorant has a career tab that shows the history of your last 20 games. As an advanced gamer, you will need records of your matches to refer to in the future. Third-party tools help you record your matches to get insights in the future. Tracker.gg and blitz.gg are some free tools that can be used.
  4. Avoid toxicity and stay positive. An important part of any multiplayer game is staying away from toxicity and staying positive. Do not use chatting tools to send rude or abusive comments. Report players who do so and focus on your goal—winning the game.
  5. Focus on Objectives. The main aim of the game is to play according to objectives. The primary objective is more important than killing the enemy. Try focusing on fulfilling the objective to win the game rather than just killing the enemy left, right, and center.

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