The upcoming Windows 10 update will include an interesting feature, App Mirroring,  that will allow users to mirror and use Android apps on their PCs. This marks an important change and will help connect Windows OS with the mobile ecosystem – something the Windows Phone was supposed to accomplish.

The Your Phone app was already available to Insiders with an option to sync text, photos, and notifications. At the Surface pro event, Microsoft also demonstrated that ‘Your Phone’ can be used to mirror third-party apps like Snapchat.


How to mirror Android Phone to PC using Your Phone app?

The support for streaming apps is rolling out with the new October 2018 update. Once you have updated your Windows PC, this is what you need to do:

Step 1: Download ‘Your Phone’ app from the Windows store.

Step 2: Select your phone from the list of devices connected to the network. Send a text to your Android phone using the Your Phone app.

Step 3: You will now receive a code on your phone. Link your phone to the app using the code.

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How does Your Phone app mirroring on Windows PC work?

The contents of your Android phones will show up within ‘Your Phone’ app on the Windows PCs. Microsoft didn’t talk much about the new functionality at the Surface launch event, but it looks like users will be able to mirror text messages and photos app on their PCs. Which is to say, they will be able to reply to incoming text messages from their PCs and also drag and drop images between phone and PC, and vice versa.

The app also works with Office 365 and other Microsoft apps. As Snapchat demo indicates, Microsoft will try and add more third-party apps in the future.

“Pausing a task on your PC to respond to a text or notification on your phone can instantly break focus and take you out of your flow. The Your Phone App brings instant access to your texts and photos from your Android phone right on your PC, enabling you to stay productive and maintain your focus,” is how Microsoft described the feature.

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It’s certainly worth being excited about any feature that shall allow our Windows workstation to connect seamlessly with our Android phone. Android Mirroring on PC can be done via a number of third-party apps, but the experience is hardly seamless. Several chat apps like WhatsApp have desktop versions and they are quite useful too. We’d like the convenience to stretch to other apps too.


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