As the successor to the Galaxy Note 7, the Note 8 has huge responsibilities on its shoulders

Samsung’s investigation into the accidents pertaining to the company’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 revealed the phone’s batteries to be the reason behind it catching fire. The company also announced further steps to prevent such accidents in its future devices, such as the upcoming S8.

The probe as well as the subsequent announcement come three months after the Note 7,supposedly the South Korean company’s answer to Apple’s Iphones, was pulled back from the market causing a loss of $5.3 billion – said to be one of the biggest in the technological sector.


Samsung, helped by safety consulting firms UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland, blamed two factors that brought about the phone’s downfall. As the company put it, the casings used for the batteries were too small to accommodate the electrode assembly that resulted in thermal failure and short-circuiting.

Along with that, the probe revealed that the tip of the cells’ negative electrodes were incorrectly located in the battery structure.

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Samsung went as far as testing over 200 thousand models of the phone, continuously charging and discharging each one in order to find the primary reason because of which it was catching fire.

The first reports of the Galaxy Note 7 causing such accidents came to the fore a few days after its launch in August last year which prompted the company to recall them and change their batteries.

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The phone was eventually scrapped after a second recall of the phones also failed, dealing a crushing blow to Samsung’s credibility as well as market position.

Despite the failure of the Note 7, Samsung still capped off an ultra-profitable year and is set to announce this year’s final earnings on Tuesday.

It, however, remains to be seen as to what impact the doomed Note 7 has on the company’s clientele.


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