As we previously discussed, the Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus’ new flagship might just be called the OnePlus 5. A major reason behind this ‘name change’ is said to be the belief in China, according to which the numeral ‘4’ is said to be unlucky in the country.

Also, considering that OnePlus also brought out a OnePlus 3T (if we exclude the OnePlus X, in this case), the latest offering would, in fact, actually be the fifth flagship from the company.

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Well, anyways, a new report from South Korea also thrown light on some of the specifications the phone is expected to tag along.

One of them is a dual-edge display, possibly along the same lines as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, as well as a ceramic body, which the company will probably lift from Xiaomi’s Mi Mix smartphone.

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The other specs being talked about include a 6GB or 8GB RAM, 256GB internal storage, a 23MP primary camera as well as a 16MP one on the front.

That is all the specifications the report could let out, obviously missing on quite a few including the type and make of the processor that is going to be used.


Since OnePlus launch cycle already lags a couple on months behind the S8 and S8+, OnePlus might just be able to reserve a stock of Snapdragon 835 chips for itself. All said and done, these are still rumors and we suggest you take them with a pinch of salt.

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