Oppo, an innovative Chinese smartphone maker that gave us the impressive VOOC rapid charging well ahead of its time, today presented its latest camera technology at MWC 2017. A total of 106 Oppo engineers worked together to constitute a periscope-like dual camera system that is ‘world’s first’ to offer 5X lossless optical zoom.


This is how oppo explains its new 5X optical zoom.

Usually, a telephoto lens that could deliver 5X optical zoom would take huge space and warrant a massive camera hump. To work around this obstacle, Oppo laid town the 50 odd camera components, including the optics used in Telephoto lens, in a just 5.7mm thick trench at 90 degrees to the direction of incoming light and uses a prism to channel light through the lens assembly.

So, instead of vertically stacking into a pyramidal hump, the camera optics can be laid well hidden in a trench inside the phone casing.

That’s not all, though. The sophisticated prism assembly also supports OIS and realign itself dynamically to the tune of 0.0025 degrees to offset motion blur. This will enable Oppo phones to record stable footage even while zooming in on image subjects!

oppo 5x zoom

Oppo, however, didn’t reveal any smartphone that would be using this new camera innovation and thus, for now, we will have to take Oppo’s word for it. This surely looks like an innovative way to work around camera humps on phones that keep getting bigger and hopefully we will get to verify how well this actually works real soon.


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