Oppo 10x Zoom event invite

Behold the almighty 10x hybrid optical zoom camera that Oppo would launch on January 16. The company has sent out media invites for the launch event. The event will be held in Beijing, China.

Oppo had earlier showcased the world’s first 5x zoom technology with a “periscope structure” lens design during the MWC 2017. And now after two years, the company is finally ready to take the next leap. Let’s read further and unfurl the details.

10x Hybrid Optical Zoom: Why this is important?

Oppo 10x Zoom leaked
Oppo 10x Zoom

The new technology might the same periscope structure mentioned above. This could be a legitimate solution with multi-zoom capability. Unlike digital zoom, optical zoom requires a higher focal length between the lens and the sensor. Now the problem as you guessed it would be to house proper optical zoom without a wider chassis. And here comes this cutting edge solution.

The prevailing 5x arrangement involves 5P lens followed by a 90-degree angular prism that directs the light to a vertically positioned camera sensor. The OIS unit is put on the other end, so it would work even when the zoom is maxed out.

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It’s not clear yet whether Oppo would be launching a phone with this tech or just the tech. Either way, smartphone shutterbugs would be electrified by any such new developments in the phone photography field.


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