Revolt RV400
Source: Revolt Motors

Rahul Sharma, the founder of Micromax Informatics has launched Revolt Motors, an automobile venture and their first product is RV400 e-bike. RV400 is India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle tailored for Generation Why. On stage, Mr. Rahul briefed the audience on the three key areas of electric vehicle adoption- Design and Performance, Charging Network and Affordability.

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Pre-bookings for the bike would commence from June 25, 2019, for INR 1000 in Revolt and Amazon India. The company kept the pricing details under wraps during the keynote. As for the availability, they would hit roads across 7 major metros (Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and Chennai) in the next 4 months.

Revolt RV 400 features

Revolt RV400

The bike looks stylish and is available in two bold color options- Rebel Red and Cosmic Black. You could activate the bike using the Revolt mobile app. It’s powered by swappable lithium-ion batteries that give an ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) certified range of 156 km/charge and 85KM top speed. A major chunk of the keynote was dedicated to explaining the charging mechanism available. They are:

  1. Onboard charging- You could plug your bike directly to a 15-amp socket to charge its battery.
  2. Portable Battery- The charging is made convenient by the portable battery within Revolt RV400. You could take it out and charge it at your home or office in less than 4 hours.
  3. Mobile Swap Stations- You could order the battery via the app and get them swapped at the nearest swap station. You could find the nearest one on your mobile app.
  4. On-demand delivery- Pre-order the battery using the Revolt app and receive them at your location at a convenient time.

Revolt RV400

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Revolt Mobile app features

The motorbike features a built-in 4G eSIM and Bluetooth support. You could connect it with the mobile app using the same connectivity options. Here are the features that you get with the Revolt Mobile app:

  1. Start/stop bike through Bluetooth
  2. Bike location with map guide
  3. Real-time bike info such as current battery percentage, bike mode, and estimated range.
  4. Ordering the battery for delivery at user location
  5. Finding the nearest swap station
  6. Swapping battery at mobile swap station
  7. Swap order history
  8. User trips and details (eg. Start and stop location, average speed, total distance traveled and time consumed).
  9. User trip journeys on the map
  10. Sound preview, change motorcycle sound and volume with the 4 custom tones or downloaded ones.
  11. Bike diagnostics details such as battery and ECU.
  12. Bike statistics (eg. total km, total hours on trips, etc.)
  13. Check estimated range in different modes
  14. Upload and store important bike and user documents such as driving license, RC copy, etc.
  15. Payment gateway integration for battery swaps
  16. Geofencing with theft control
  17. Ability to share bike location
  18. IN-app user notifications (eg. battery removal, low battery percentage, geo-fence breach)
  19. Provide ECU updates through OTA


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