Best Electric Bikes and Scooters to Buy in India in 2023

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The electric mobility sector is picking up the pace in India with the government giving it a push with their policies. The automobile manufacturers have also responded by boosting their local manufacturing and retailing of electric vehicles. With these changes, the government is eyeing to restrict petrol and diesel vehicles from the roads by 2030. [हिंदी में पढ़ें]

Electric vehicles offer several advantages over conventional petrol bikes. The e-bikes are known for their high efficiency, zero emissions, and low-maintenance cost. Keeping these advantages in mind, several major two-wheelers players jumped in with their own electric bikes or scooter.

Buying an electric bike can be tricky. There are several factors that you should keep in mind before finalizing a bike. Before we reveal the best electric bikes in India, we would like you to first know these important factors to make a better-informed decision while buying an electric two-wheeler.

  • Range and Speed: The foremost thing about an electric scooter is the maximum range it offers in one complete charging. Also, the pickup speed and maximum speed of the electric bike are necessary to figure out. 
  • Battery and Charging System: It is the battery capacity of the electric vehicle that determines the performance and affects the buying decision. The charging time and fast charge support are other things that play an important role.
  • Technology: Modern electric scooters come integrated with software and hardware with their design for a better control system. 
  • License Agreement: Electric two-wheeler segment is divided into two classes where the license is either required or not. Buyers should figure out their requirements and then shortlist the available options suitable for them.
  • Price, Subsidies, and Tax Benefits: At last, price is always a key factor to consider when you go shopping. Buying an electric bike or scooter also follows the same ritual as there are many options in the market at different prices. To give a healthy kickstart to EV adoption, governments are offering subsidies and incentives to make electric vehicles more affordable. 

Eight best electric bikes and scooters in India

1. Yuga Bike Electric Scooter

Yuga Bike Electric Scooter comes with a front disc brake and gives 50-60km mileage on one charge. It has an in-built 60V 30Ah lithium battery with 3 to 4 hours of charging time and has been rated one of the top electric scooters in India.

The scooter has extra safety features. It has a remote and keys and an anti-theft alarm system as well. It has a good braking system as well with a capacity to take up to 150kg load. The scooter comes in red, black, grey, and white colors and has 3 modes, a reverse feature, an IP67 rating, and a powerful BLDC Hub Motor. Yugbike Electric Scooter is a 5-star rated non-RTO product that requires no license to be used. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 90,000.

2. Lord’s Zoom Electric Scooter

The Lord’s Zoom Electric Scooter comes with under-seat storage along with locking safety making it one of the best e-scooters available. The e-scooter has front disk brakes along with LED light features that make it look attractive.

The scooter comes in more than 5 colors and key features include a digital dashboard, remote key, ground clearance of 160MM, easily detachable battery pack, USB for mobile charging, Digital LCD odometer, and more. It is available in India for Rs. 75,999. The scooter runs approximately 50-60km on one charge.

3. Okaya Freedum Electric Scooter

Previously Okaya was one of the leading battery brands in India, but now it has its own electric scooter, namely the Okaya Freedum E-Scooter. The e-scooter comes with upgraded safety features like a front brake, anti-theft alarm, high ground clearance, and more. It can run for 70-75km on a single charge and can be charged with a portable charger.

The scooter has tubeless tires, is lightweight, and packs a removable battery. Stylish features like LED lights, a digital display, steer rims, USB charging port, and more are also present. In India, it is available for Rs. 74,899.

4. Gravton Quanta

Gravton Quanta is a moped that relies on an electric powertrain for propulsion. It can host 2 battery packs and offers a range of 320km. The moped uses a 3Kw BLDC motor with a max torque of 172Nm and has 3 modes-Eco, City, and Sport. The moped can take up to 250kg weight, including the rider, and is equipped with 17-inch allow wheels, disc brakes, and a robust suspension setup. The ex-showroom price is 99,999.

5. Ultraviolette

Ultraviolette F77 is one of India’s quickest Electric bikes that packs a 10.3kWh battery pack. It has a range of up to 307km and can take up to 270 kg load. The bike gets a Permanent Magnet AC Motor that gives a peak torque of 95Nm and a peak power output of 39.8bhp. Other features include disc brakes with ABS, a digital cockpit, connected vehicle tech, an IP67 rating, a 150-section rear tire, riding modes, and more. It costs Rs. 4,55,000 ex-showroom.

6. Vida V1 Pro

The Vida V1 Pro is an electric scooter by Hero Moto Corp. The e-scooter promises a range of 165km on a single charge due to a 3.9kWh battery. The battery pack can be charged up in 5 hours and 55 minutes at home. The Vida V1 Pro uses a 5.2bhp motor with 25Nm peak torque. Other features include LED lighting, a 7-inch TFT touchscreen display, dual discs with CBS, riding modes, connected vehicle tech, cruise control, and more. The e-scooter is available for Rs. 1,39,000 ex-showroom.

7. Ather 450/ 450X

Ather Energy has emerged as one of the best E-vehicle brands in recent years. the brand recently upgraded its flagship electric scooter with the introduction of the third-generation scooter named Ather Energy 450x Gen 3. The scooter comes with a powerful electric motor that can generate up to 8.7 bhp of power along with an ARAI-certified riding range of 146km. In addition, Ather has offered a scooter body with a better build based on an all-aluminum frame.

Apart from that, the Ather Energy scooter also gets a brand new profile for tires along with a tire pressure monitoring system accessory. The dashboard of the scooter has been topped with high RAM for super-fast operation and enhanced experience. It can be dubbed one of the best electric scooters in India. As of now, the electric scooter is available in the Indian market at a price of Rs 1,37,612. The pricing of the same can be varying in different cities in India.

8. Hero Electric Eddy

If you are someone who is into funky designs then you are going to love the Hero Electric Eddy. This electric scooter is perfect for city commutes and is free from any registration formalities. Even the children from the house can use it for the same without any issues. It has a top speed of around 25 kilometers per hour and can cover a maximum range of around 85 km on a single charge.

The Hero Electric Eddy comes with cruise control that makes the riding experience more comfortable for the customers. The scooter also has some of the most premium features including Bluetooth tracking and locking, a digital instrument cluster, follow-me headlamps that can also be controlled from your smartphone, and more. It also features a dedicated reverse mode and a USB port for charging smartphones. The scooter is available in the Indian market at a price of Rs 72,000.

9. Okinawa Okhi 90

The Okinawa Okhi 90 is the latest offering from the brand for the Indian market. This only by the brands is one of the only few scooters that ships with fast charging support. The scooter can get up to 80% charged in just an hour. At a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, the scooter can cover a distance of around 140 km before getting discharged. In addition to that, it has the largest wheels in its segment with 16-inch tires.

The scooter comes with 40-litre boot space which makes it one of the most well-equipped scooters in the Indian market. In the current times, the electric scooter can be purchased from the Indian market for a price of Rs 1,21,866.

10. Ampere Magnus EX

The Ampere Magnus EX is a decent electric scooter with a detachable battery. The best part which gives Ampere Magnus EX the upper hand over other alternatives is that the brand is setting up a battery-swapping network to serve the riders. This is something that is completely new in the electric vehicle segment.

The electric scooter offers amazing acceleration and can reach a speed of 40 kilometers per hour in just 10 seconds. The vehicle also has an ARAI-rates riding range of around 121 km. As for the space, the scooter has enough legroom for the customer to let them ride with full comfort, even if they ride it for long hours. The Ampere Magnus EX is available in the market at a price of Rs 77,249.

11. Kinetic Green Zing HS

The Kinetic Green Zing HS is the company’s approach to the electric vehicle segment. The vehicle has a riding range of 120 km once charged completely. The battery of the electric scooter gets charged from zero to 100% in a time period of three hours. It can be said to be one of the best vehicles for commuting within the city. The premium features offered in the electric scooter are keyless entry, anti-theft alarms, detachable battery, etc.

You can also switch the modes depending on the driving style you prefer. On top of that, you can also use the cruise control offered in the vehicle for driving on city roads comfortably. Not only this but the electric scooter also has a USB port for providing the charging feature for smartphones. You can purchase this electric scooter in the Indian market for a price of Rs 76,277.

12. Simple One

Simple One electric scooter sports a slim and compact design with an edgy head and clean-cut design. It packs a 4.5kW electric motor that produces a torque of 72Nm. The accelerates from 0-40kmph in 2.95 seconds and achieves a top speed of 105kmph. The claimed range of the e-bike is 236km. It includes a battery of capacity 4.8kWh. It has a large touchscreen display for driver’s info, navigation, call support, and other smart features.

Simple One is available for pre-booking at Rs 1,947 and is priced at Rs. 1.09 lakh onwards. It is available in four color variants – Brazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, and Grace White.

13. Ola S1 and S1 Pro

Ola, India’s largest ride-sharing platform, has launched its own electric scooters with the names Ola S1 and S1 Pro. Both models feature a similar design score with some upgrades to the Pro version. The standard Ola S1 can take up to 121km in a single charge while the S1 Pro model has a maximum range of 181 km. The top speed of S1 is 90kmph and S1 Pro is 115kmph. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display and works on keyless technology. 

The company has priced Rs 99,999 for the Ola S1 model and Rs 1,29,999 for the top Ola S1 Pro. Customers can enjoy incentives levied by the respective state governments.

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14. Revolt RV400

The Revolt RV400 is the only electric bike that has been made to the list. The bike packs a 3.24KWh lithium battery setup that takes 3 hours to charge up to 75% and around 4.5 hours to fully charge. The bike offers three ranges of 150km, 100km, and 80km called eco mode, normal mode, and sports mode. The top speed of the RV400 electric bike is 85kmph. The maximum carrying capacity is 150kg. It is required to have a driving license to drive Revolt RV 400.

The ex-showroom price of the Revolt RV400 in Delhi is 90,799. 

15. Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj has revamped its old and legendary scooter model in India as an electric scooter. The new Bajaj Chetak comes with a seamless design and steel body build. It sports a 4kW electric motor that produces an electric torque of 16Nm. The top speed is 78kmph and the range is 95km. There is a 3KWh battery setup with an IP67 rating and 5 hours of charging time. The company claims to deliver a 70,000km ride in 7 years. 

Bajaj Chetak offers two models called Premium and Urbane. In Delhi, the official ex-showroom price of Chetak Premium is Rs 1,47,775 and it is available in four different colours. 

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16. TVS iQube Electric 2022

TVS recently introduced the new 2022 TVS iQube electric in India. The e-scooter is equipped with crystal-clear LED headlamps, big storage space, and a USB port inside the boot space light. It is powered by a 4.4kW motor to give a top speed of 78kmph with a range of 75km. The scooter accelerates from 0 to 40kmph in 4.2 seconds. It takes 5 hours to charge an 80% battery level. The ex-showroom price of the iQube Electric base variant in Delhi is Rs 98,654.

17. Hero Electric Photon Hx

Hero Photon HX comes with a modest set of features that includes a 26Ah battery and 1.8kW motor for performance. The top speed of the electric scooter is 45kmph and it offers a maximum range of 108km per charge. The battery of the Photon HX gets completely charged in 5 hours. It is required to register the scooter to drive it on Indian roads. It comes in two colour shades black and gold.

The ex-showroom price of the Hero Electric Photon HX is Rs 74,240 including the FAME 2 subsidy in Delhi/NCR. However, there is an additional subsidy applicable as per state government directives.

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18. Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity E1 has been launched with a 2kWh battery setup, a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor, and tubeless tires. The Bengaluru-based startup claims to offer a range of 85km at a top speed of 65kmph. For smart features, it offers a connection with a smartphone for tracking, anti-theft alerts, and tow alerts, and offers a drag mode in case of scooter comes to a halt.

The Infinity E1 is the first-of-its-kind electric scooter that also allows customers to buy the bike with the ‘battery as a service’ option. The new swappable option lets buyers rent a battery that will cost as low as Rs 35 per swap. It is priced at Rs 68,999 while the ‘battery as a service’ option will technically cost Rs 36,000. The scooter will retail from March. 

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19. Pure EV Epluto 7G

Pure EV, a Hyderabad-based startup, has two electric scooters in its portfolio namely Epluto and Epluto 7G. The standard Epluto features entry-level features while the Epluto 7G offers an upgraded set of features. The top speed of the standard model is 25kmph while the 7G version can achieve up to 60kmph. The former variant includes a 1.8kWh portable battery setup with a claimed range of 85km. On the other hand, Epluto 7G offers a mileage of 90km to 120km and houses a 2.5kWh battery. The 7G model comes with a wide LCD screen and offers a multi-speed mode.

The company has priced the standard e-scooter at Rs 74,999 while the Epluto 7G costs Rs 86,999. It offers a total of six color variants – Ruby Red, Shadow Black, Electron Blue, Active Grey, Pearly White, and Stripling Yellow.

20. Ampere V48

Ampere V48 comes with an affordable tag offering a set of modest features. It is driven by a 250W BLDC electric motor. It draws power from a 24Ah battery source and offers a claimed range of 60km which makes it suitable for low-distance commutes. It can achieve a maximum speed of 25kmph. It offers a load capacity of 100kg. It retails at Rs 39,999.


1. Which brand of electric scooter is best in India?

Brands like Ola, Okaya, Yuga, Hero, are good.

2. Which brand provides the cheapest e-scooter in India?

Ola offers the cheapest e-scooters in India.

3. Which electric scooter is best in terms of features as well as price?

TVS Qube is best in terms of features and price.

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